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Between two fires

Image It looks like the world of film and television is experiencing a new wave of spy craze. In the last few months alone, adaptations of such popular literary works about talented intelligence agents as "The Master of Assassinations", "The Spy Without a Name" and "M: Maxwell Knight, M15's Greatest Spy" have gone into work. As it became known to the edition The Hollywood Reporter , the British company Carnaby International has also decided to try its forces in creating pictures about exciting spy games. The London studio has acquired the film adaptation rights to Jeffrey Archer's bestseller A Matter of Honor .

The main character of the 1986 book was the former military Adam Scott , who inherited a letter from his father. For many years, the protagonist believed that his parent was involved in a conspiracy to transfer the poison to Hermann Goering, who was sentenced by the Nuremberg Tribunal to death by hanging. Thanks to the letter, Adam learns the truth about the circumstances of the war criminal's death and gets a chance to restore his father's good name.

The parent's instructions take Scott to a Swiss bank, where he discovers a precious USA icon that fell into the hands of the Nazis during World War II. To his surprise, Adam discovers that the antiquity has a double value. An official document is hidden in the icon, with the help of which the USSR can terminate the agreement on the sale of Alaska. Soon, the hunt for Scott is announced by agents of Soviet and American intelligence ...


The management of Carnaby International decided to invite prominent experts in the field of action-packed spy thrillers to the film team. The script for the film will be written by Keith Arnold , who took part in the creation of the film adaptation of the book cycle "November Man". The director's chair for " Cause of Honor " will be taken by two-time Emmy winner John Cassar , whose track record includes the series "24 Hours."

The bosses of the British studio intend to start looking for distributors of the film at the Marche du Film film market, which is traditionally held in May as part of the Cannes Film Festival .

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Author: Jake Pinkman