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Oliver Twist will twist

Image The first edition of " The Adventures of Oliver Twist " was released back in 1838, but Charles Dickens's novel is still popular. At the beginning of last month, we reported that the NBC channel is preparing a free interpretation of the famous literary work, and now the studio Disney has announced its plans to give a new screen life to its heroes. As reported by Variety , House of Mouse has decided to create a musical adaptation of an ageless story about the adventures of homeless boys in London's slums.

The action of the film will unfold in our days, and the audience will expect a bizarre mixture of various musical genres, styles and trends. Dickens' novel has already been adapted into a musical format once. In 1963, the Broadway production of Oliver! won three prestigious Tony theater awards. Five years later, Carol Reed's self-titled film was based on the musical, which won six Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences awards, including a Gold Statuette for Best Picture of the Year.


The management of Disney intends to involve in the creation of their project Mark E. Platt, Ice Cube and Thomas Kail, each of whom is familiar with the world of music firsthand. The former recently took part in the creation of La La Land, which many critics consider to be one of the main favorites of the new film awards season. While working on the film adaptation of " Oliver Twist " Platt will have to share production functions with rapper Ice Cube , who intends to play the role of the insidious leader of a gang of young pickpockets named Feigin .


Finally, Kail is eyeing the director's chair for the film. This summer, Thomas won the Tony Award for staging the acclaimed musical Hamilton , and now he is ready to try his hand at big cinema.

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