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Oliver Twist will change gender and era

Image Recently, we reported that the Fox channel decided to send King Arthur to modern Manhattan, and now NBC intends to shoot an unusual version of the story about another famous hero.

According to the site The Hollywood Reporter , a new television series about Oliver Twist from the classic novel by Charles Dickens has gone into production. True, NBC follows the trends of the present time, and therefore Oliver will become a woman, the protagonist of the procedural.

According to the description, the new project is a modern version of the novel by Dickens .At the center of the show is a stranded girl. The heroine begins to understand the true meaning of the family only when she falls into a group of gifted social outcasts who use their unique abilities to bring rich criminals to the surface.

The work of Dickens has already been filmed by Roman Polanski - in 2005 his film "Oliver Twist" with Ben Kingsley and Barney Clarke was released, and two years ago director Arno Hatzenbrock presented to the audience a drama with an orphan as the main character Olivia Twist .


The new series will be scripted by Chad Damiani and J.P. Lavigne, also responsible for adapting Fruit Ninja into a feature film. They will also share the production functions of the project with Joel Silver ("Nicefellas", "Sherlock Holmes").

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Author: Jake Pinkman