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Batman Takes the Balance Sheet: Reckoning Teaser Trailer

Image Payback is an action-thriller directed by Gavin O'Connor, starring Hollywood stars Ben Affleck, Anna Kendrick, Jay Kay Simmons, John Bernthal, Jeffrey Tambor and John Lithgow. Bill Dubuc's script at the end of 2011 was honored with a " Blacklist " Best Script List. The feed will hit the screens on October 27 .

Autistic with savant syndrome Christian Wolfe ( Affleck ) to communication with a person will always prefer solitude and work with numbers. This, however, does not mean that he does not interact with people - he kills them. Having a diploma and his own office, the auditor not only helps influential bandits with his professional skills, but also easily acts in their field. When the US Treasury Department begins to take an active interest in Wolfe , the killer auditor chooses to work with an employer acting under the law. The leading robotics company finds millions of dollars in shortages in its documents and expects an answer to an exciting monetary question from an outstanding specialist. While Chris , busy with the search for truth, goes through the settlement books,

The tense and dynamic teaser trailer released recently " Reckoning " does not repeat the mistake of many modern promo companies - it catches the viewer on the hook, but is in no hurry to share the plot details. So far, the most interesting thing in the film is the central character. Who is Christian Wolfe ? John Nash in the body of Dexter Morgan ? Will Hunting with Jason Bourne ? Surely the viewer will come up with their own comparisons, because all that is required of him at this stage is to see an asocial mathematical genius in the brutal bully ...

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