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Affleck in the service of the mafia. Reckoning Trailer

Image Good personnel, who, as you know, decide everything, are needed not only by large corporations and private entrepreneurs, but also by shadow business. And since the finances of serious crime bosses are inexhaustible, they can afford to hire the best of the best. Here's a dubbed trailer for Reckoning , directed by Gavin O'Connor, best known for the 2011 Oscar-nominated sports drama Warrior.

This time, Gavin decided to plunge into the world of accounting and auditing, which would seem very boring to the average viewer if it were not for not only the richest, but also the most dangerous people on the planet. After all, they also need to sum up financial results and calculate profits ...


In the story, the brilliant financial consultant Christian Wolfe a little out of this world was noticed by the Crime Department of the Ministry of Finance in different countries in the company of drug lords, arms dealers, murderers and other dubious clientele. The department begins the hunt for the auditor, meanwhile he himself is trying to use his skills to get out of the water and at the same time establish relationships with a new, slightly obsessive acquaintance.

Duplicate trailer

The hero of Affleck will be able to calculate his choice on October 27 , when Reckoning is released in USA, but for now, let's evaluate the trailer, in which the accountant Christian Wolfe looks closely through the scope of a sniper rifle to the song “Everything in it's right place” by the British band Radiohead .

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Author: Jake Pinkman