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Ben Affleck will join auditors again

Image One of the pleasant surprises of the past year for moviegoers was the picture " Payback " with Ben Affleck in the title role. The clever psychological thriller with elements of a family drama grossed $ 155.2 million - a great result for a movie with a $ 44 million budget. Hardly anyone counted on the continuation of the story, but the studio Warner Bros. seems to see in Payback an opportunity for the birth of a new franchise a la Jason Bourne.

According to the portal Deadline , the major is now trying to assemble the Reckoning team to work on a sequel. Affleck , director Gavin O'Connor, screenwriter Bill Dubuque, producers Lynette Howell and Mark Williams are all in talks with the studio to sign new contracts. The source also notes that John Bernthal may return to the role of the killer (and the brother of the protagonist).

Let's remind that the central character of "Reckoning" is the auditor Christian Wolf , who leads a double life, providing services to criminal organizations. But one day, government agents sit on his tail, and the life of Wolfe is in danger due to the fault of a new client ...


So far, among the future projects of Affleck , there is only Justice League - now the blockbuster is being filmed under the direction of Joss Whedon. Of course, the actor still has a new Batman solo album in his plans, but he has no specific deadlines. As for the director Gavin O'Connor , after the success of Reckoning he received an offer to lead the filming of the remake of The Green Hornet and the crime drama Father Daughter Time: A Tale of Armed Robbery and Eskimo Kisses.

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Author: Jake Pinkman