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Dark Knight's Wings Clipped

Image More recently, Ben Affleck made grandiose plans for the solo album Batman , saying that it was only necessary to bring the script to its ideal state. However, as the site Variety managed to find out, much to the regret of its fans, Affleck refused the director's chair of the blockbuster. Ben will continue to be on the list of producers for the project and, of course, will play the defender of Gotham, but now Warner Bros. will have to look for a new director for the film.

“There are heroes who have a special place in the hearts of millions of people,- noted Affleck in his statement. -The role of Batman requires my maximum concentration and enthusiasm. It became clear that I would not be able to perform both tasks at the proper level. Together with the studio, we decided to find a director who will help me create this large-scale film. I'm still in business, and we are not abandoning the project, but we are looking for another director. ”.

Insiders argue that Affleck and the WB bosses made this decision with purely good intentions regarding the solo film The Dark Knight , and the recent failure of The Law of the Night »Did not affect their position in any way. Recall that the latest directorial project Affleck was not only defeated by most critics, but also raised the infamous $ 10.3 million at home in a few weeks.


Now the press is starting to circulate rumors about who will lead the shooting of "Batman" . Sources say the shortlisted for WB includes Matt Reeves ("Planet of the Apes: Revolution"), and journalists are betting on Gavin O'Connor. The latter has experience working with Affleck and WB on the thriller Reckoning, which turned out to be very successful at the box office. In addition, lately the director of "The Warrior" has been receiving more and more interesting proposals.

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Author: Jake Pinkman