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Reckoning Thriller Could Become a TV Series

Image The film "Payback" was one of the surprises of 2016. Director Gavin O'Connor has managed to create a captivating thriller starring Ben Affleck as an autistic auditor leading a double life. Along the way, the tape grossed more than $ 150 million at the box office, and soon after its premiere, talk began about a sequel. Four years have passed, and things are still there. Of course, the past few years have been challenging for Affleck, and up to a point he has been busy in the DC superhero universe. Now Ben is back in action and is preparing new projects, but Payback 2 is not on the list.

The journalists talked with Affleck and O'Connor, who are just preparing for the release of the joint sports drama "Out of the Game", and asked what happened to the sequel "Reckoning".“We discussed this issue. Now there is a debate about whether it is possible to shoot a television series based on the film. Screenwriter Bill Dubuc has become popular and very busy working on other projects. Someone told me, you can, they say, find a script and remake it for the sequel Reckoning ... However, this is risky due to the specifics of the main character, and you can't just take the text of the action and rename it to Reckoning 2, - said Affleck.

The actor also admitted that he would love to return to the role of Christian Wolfe, because he likes working with O'Connor, and Payback itself was an interesting and non-standard representative of the thriller genre.


The sequel may never make it to the big screens, but it is worth hoping that the producers will decide to at least shoot the TV version of Reckoning.

Source: Collider

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