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Marvel's Spider-Man Free


Marvel was awarded the right to use Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War and other movie projects without paying its partner Sony Pictures a single cent. This is reported by Variety, citing its sources.

In turn, Marvel will not claim any part of the profits that Sony Pictures will receive from exploiting the superhero image in its solo movies. It also became known that the head of Marvel Kevin Feige agreed to become a producer of movies about Spider-Man for free.

Sony Pictures is said to be planning to go back to "basics" and introduce viewers to the young Peter Parker, who gained his extraordinary ability as a high school student.

Recall that under the agreement, which became known on February 10, 2015, the new Spider-Man will solo in the movie, which is scheduled to premiere on July 28, 2017. Sony Pictures has not abandoned the idea of developing the superhero universe and will continue to work on other movie projects with his participation, in particular, the movie "The Sinister Six". The premiere of the latter, previously scheduled for November 2016, was postponed to a later date.

Marvel, in turn, may allow its new partner to use other characters from its library.

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Author: Jake Pinkman