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Marvel Takes Spider-Man


Sony Pictures Entertainment and Marvel Studios have entered into an agreement to jointly operate one of the most popular superheroes - Spider-Man. This was announced in the official press release.

As part of this contract, Spider-Man will first appear in one of Marvel's unnamed movie projects, and only then in a Sony Pictures solo movie, which is scheduled to premiere on July 28, 2017. The production of the latest movie will be overseen by Marvel head Kevin Feige and his team of experts. In turn, Sony Pictures will finance the movie, present it at the box office and own other rights.

The Partners are also looking to include other Marvel heroes in the Spider-Man cinematic universe. It is not yet known whether Andrew Garfield will return to the role of Peter Parker, or another actor will replace him.

As a reminder, Sony Pictures planned to release The Amazing Spider-Man 3 in 2016. However, in the summer of 2014, after the not too impressive rental of The Amazing Spider-Man: High Voltage, the premiere of the next sequel was canceled.

Later, from the correspondence of the Sony Pictures studio management that fell into the hands of hackers, it became known about the negotiations with Marvel. The possibility of transferring the rights to movieing the new Spider-Man trilogy to Marvel, while maintaining control of Sony Pictures, was discussed.

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Author: Jake Pinkman