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New Performer for Spider-Man Featured


Sony Pictures and Marvel have chosen to play Spider-Man in The Amazing Spider-Man 3. According to Variety, he will be a young actor Tom Holland, familiar to viewers from the movies "Impossible" and "Lock".

The creator of the 2015 thriller Police Car, Jonathan Watts, has been appointed director.

"I have worked with many directors who then became real stars. I am sure that John has all the necessary qualities to repeat their success," - commented on the appointment of the head of Sony Pictures Tom Rothman.

As a reminder, under the terms of the agreement between Sony Pictures and Marvel, the new Spider-Man will be introduced to viewers in the movie "The First Avenger: Avengers Shatter", and then will appear in the solo project Sony Pictures in 2017. In the future, Spider-Man will appear in the pictures of both studios. All projects dedicated to the superhero will be curated by the head of the Marevl studio Kevin Feige.

Sony Pictures has agreed to an unprecedented split of superhero rights after the dismal release of The Amazing Spider-Man: High Voltage, which grossed nearly $ 700 million.

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Author: Jake Pinkman