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The future and the present of Gmail


The Google development team plans to significantly redesign the Gmail site in the near future.

In addition to the redesigned design, Google Mail will receive new interesting features:

  1. Self-destruction of letters after a certain time. Users will be able to set the email lifetime on their own.
  2. Confidential mode of sending emails when an email is received, the addressee cannot copy or print.
  3. Password protection of emails. Reading the letter will be possible only after entering the password and only after the recipient logs into his own account on the service.

In addition to these innovations, the Google mail service already has many other functions that are not known to everyone. Gmail supports assigning hotkeys, setting markers, setting up notifications, re-sending emails, and many other non-obvious, but sometimes very useful settings.

Keyboard shortcuts

They help to cope with the large daily flow of letters. To enable the function, you need to enter the service settings, select the “ General ” settings tab and activate this mode.


The list of available combinations is displayed by pressing the question mark. You can change the assignment of the keys on the "Laboratory" tab. Some useful keyboard shortcuts are below:

"х" - the letter is highlighted with a tick;

"#" - delete a message;

"!" is spam !;

"s" - the letter is highlighted with an asterisk;

"e" - sending to the archive.

Trick + shopping

It is easier to sort your email flow using various filters and Gmail tabs. The service independently sorts some mailings or messages from social networks into separate folders, but the user can add others on his own. After selecting the received letter and clicking on the " More " option, select " Filter similar messages " in the drop-down menu. You can filter by sender, message subject, words, or attachments.


It will become easier to filter mailings from online stores if you add the combination “ + shopping ” after your address when registering on an online resource. The address will look like this: [email   protected] and it will be easier to sort the received correspondence from the store.

Multicolored stars and other markers

In addition to colored stars, received letters can be marked with other icons, 12 types of which are available in the settings on the " General " tab.


Don't touch me, I'm on vacation!

You can also automatically configure out of office notifications on the General Settings tab. Here, the " Autoresponder " item specifies the time period, recipients and message text.


How do I get the email again?

If there is no time to reply to the letter, but later you can forget about it, then this letter can be sent again to yourself. The application " Boomerang " (Boomerang) will help with this. It is free and will allow you to set the time for the reappearance of an incoming message in the list of unread messages.

All incoming - to desktop

In order not to miss an important message, you can configure the display of incoming messages on the computer desktop. This is also done in the general settings tab by activating the corresponding item.

If you get excited ...

Sending a letter can be canceled if the corresponding function is activated in the settings on the " General " tab. The delay time for sending is also set there.


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