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Google will completely redesign Gmail


Google has sent out a major Gmail redesign to corporate subscribers of G Suite, a popular office suite. The official mailing list notes that in addition to a new look, the popular mail service will receive a number of new functions.

Calendar right in the mail

New gmail design

One of the notable changes is the function of accessing the " Calendar " directly through the mail interface. Service users will also be able to postpone the received letter so that after a certain period it will appear again in the " Inbox " section. In the settings, you can specify the desired period. The developers noted that this will allow you to put things in order in the mail, even if there is currently no way to reply to the message.

Smart answers for web version

New gmail design

Smart answers will be available for the desktop version of the service, which users of programs for Android and iOS have already mastered. This function analyzes the contents of the letter and the dialogue as a whole, automatically suggesting answer options. The developers also promise to work out a mechanism for conveniently storing letters on a local disk with the ability to fully work with them offline.

When to expect a new design?

The new design has not yet been published in the public domain. The company promised that G Suite subscribers will see it first. This event is scheduled for the end of this spring . Indian programmer Sahil Bhutani (based in San Francisco) said he saw the finished version of the new design, and also posted a hand-drawn layout of the Gmail start page.

Bhutani said that the new design is a kind of hybrid of the Google Inbox and Gmail interfaces. The left column looks like the web version of Inbox, and the right side is a larger version of Gmail. The background color is expected to be blue. The categories on the left are delimited, each folder has its own icon.

Representatives of the company also noted that a large-scale design update may provoke short-term interruptions in the functioning of the service, as well as block the work of some popular plugins, including Clearbit and Streak.

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Author: Jake Pinkman