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Gmail now has self-deleting emails


All owners of Gmail mail, including its mobile application, have a new option to send an email and then delete it.

After a recent update of the service, the user was able to specify a specific date during sending, after which the letter will be deleted from the recipient's mail and from Google servers.

Jarvis delete this email after 2 years and 1 month

The date after which the letter will self-delete can be either one day or up to five years. In addition to the new function, the developers of the mail service have introduced some restrictions on the sent e-mail.


For example, the user can prohibit further forwarding of the letter to other recipients or restrict its printing and copying of text. Additionally, Gmail mobile mail now allows you to edit already sent messages and even delete their content.

Android version of Gmail also got new tools

Android version of Gmail has received a tool to block already sent emails. Moreover, very little time is given for this. After sending, a cancel button appears at the bottom of the screen, which remains active for about 10 seconds, after which its application will be impossible. A new option has appeared in the mobile email client version 8.7.

Another Gmail update is related to the appearance of an expanded working sidebar, where the user can set the necessary tasks and activate the necessary application tools. The sidebar makes it easier to navigate Google by allowing you to interact directly with the Tasks and Calendar tabs while staying inside the mail application.

Additionally, the latest update to the Gmail mobile client for iOS and Android now supports privacy mode. The principle of confidential sending is the ability to set an access code for the sent letter or limit the period of access to it.

Restrictions also apply to attachments. The recipient will be able to see the specified restrictions. The postal service allows you to set the parameters of the SMS access code, which is sent to the recipient when specifying his mobile number. The user can activate the option of confidential sending using the service menu in the upper right corner.

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