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Gmail takes on a new interactive format


Google is introducing new technology that will give Gmail mail an interactive format. This means that holders of mail accounts will have enhanced messaging capabilities, that is, emails will become analogous to Internet pages.

The new mail function will allow you to create and receive an email with third-party widgets embedded there. Therefore, without leaving the mail itself, the user will be able to book tickets, fill out forms, place orders, comment on articles, look at catalogs and much more, that is, perform actions typical for ordinary sites.

The new Gmail update comes from the AMP technology solution. This technology is used on many Internet resources to speed up page loading. AMP is currently available in the desktop version of Gmail, but it is planned to be rolled out to the mobile mailer at a later date.

The new Gmail option is more focused on marketing emails. Normal business or friendly correspondence will not be affected by the AMP solution, but nevertheless, its benefit is determined by the reduction in the time spent on sorting incoming messages. So, you can reply to some letters inside the letter itself without opening the corresponding attachment.

Besides the fact that gmail mail has introduced a new technology, other large companies are planning to implement the AMP standard on their services. Outlook and Mail.Ru projects announced that they have joined this solution. Also, the Pinterest platform took technology into development to create updated messages with the help of which it will be possible to view and save images on this service from the Gmail application. The plans of the Doodle AG project include the development of electronic business newsletters for employees who, inside the letter, will be able, for example, to confirm their participation in a meeting or event.

AMP accelerated page technology is not currently available for all platforms and is not yet designed to create and send simple emails between users. Those with Gmail will be able to find new format messages in their inbox in about a couple of weeks. For other services that are interested in a solution, Google is developing appropriate system support tools.

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Author: Jake Pinkman