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PS5 Features, Steam Games Festival - Gaming News Digest # 3.03. Part two


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Sony spoke about PS5 specs


As expected, after the announcement of the characteristics and the Xbox Series X, Sony released identical information about its console. To be more precise, they held a broadcast where they told everything about the PS5. Like last time, due to the format, we will tell you about the features of the console, and you can see the technical specifications here.


One of the main features of the PS5 is backward compatibility, thanks to which almost all projects from the 100 most popular games released on PS4 will be available at the start of the new console. The console has two compatibility modes - Native and PS4 Pro Legacy. Native Compatibility Mode takes full advantage of the PS5 and will likely run the 100 most popular games.


The console has an additional SSD slot, but not all storage will fit there. Among the caveats, it is mentioned that a third-party SSD must match or exceed the speed of the internal drive. In this case, you need exactly an M.2 SSD that supports PCIe 4.0. Sony will select suitable devices as part of the certification. However, the external hard drive can only be used for storing games from PS4.


Another feature of the console is sound. The Tempest audio chip is capable of supporting and playing hundreds of sounds simultaneously. For example, recreate individual raindrops in a cut scene or gameplay. Plus we are promised surround sound. Sony is currently working on this capability for stereo speakers and audio systems, but initially you will be able to hear surround sound with Tempest-enabled headphones.

The console is slated for release later this year.

Resident Evil 3 Demo Trailer

In the last digest, we wrote that at the end of the Resident Evil 3 demo, an exclusive trailer will be shown to players. If you have not passed the demo or will not wake up, but you have a desire to see the trailer - here it is.

Also recall that a little later on the 27th the demo of the asymmetric multiplayer RE Resistance will be released. The beta will continue until the game is released.

The release of Resident Evil 3 itself is scheduled for April 3.

The Spring Festival of Games on Steam lets you play 40 upcoming demos

Last time, Valve and The Game Awards host / host Jeff Keely announced that they will host The Game Festival after The Game Awards. It is now launched on Steam. You can now try the demo version of 40 games that are coming out soon for free. These demos were originally supposed to be presented at GDC 2020.

The festival will end on March 23rd, after which all demos will disappear from the store. So don't miss your chance.

By the way, this weekend until March 23rd will be Ubisoft's weekend with discounts on their games. And if none of the 40 free demos interests you, you can play Assassin's Creed Odyssey for free.

Depraved and bloody hell - new Succubus trailer

The creators of Agony from Madmind Studio continue to introduce us to their hellish and overly violent project Succubus. This week we were shown 10 minutes of new gameplay dedicated to battling demons.

Recall that we are playing as a succubus Vidia, who is bored with the life of the queen of hell and she decided to go to new hellish lands. However, she was caught and maimed, after which she can only take revenge on her offenders.

The developers promise a rich set of enemies and bosses, pumping, a lot of weapons and armor, as well as a well-developed world and lore.

The game will be released on PC, but the release date is unknown.

Plasticine Doom Eternal: just as cute and just as bloody

Usually we all wait for the release trailers for the game before release, but Doom Eternal is a special game and therefore it received a special plasticine trailer.

Like last time, Bethesda has brought us a short from the creator of adult plasticine cartoons, Lee Hardcastle, who created a similar video for the 2016 game. Despite the rather childish format, there is enough cruelty in it.

The game is already out on PC, PS4, Xone. Nintendo Switch release later.

Spring Sale kicked off at GOG

Spring Sale has started on and will run until March 30th. As a feature, CD Projekt RED asked gamers in social media before the start of the sale. networks, what colors they associate with specific genres and, as a result, distributed the game according to color categories. For example, adventure games are grassy green and RPGs are crimson red.


The Witcher Season 2 and Uncharted movie production halted due to coronavirus

And finally, some coronavirus news. Netflix has suspended filming of The Witcher for two weeks. If the situation in the world does not improve, the quarantine may be extended.

The situation is similar with the Uncharted movie. Filming, which was supposed to take place in Berlin, has been suspended for six weeks.


The Witcher is slated for release in 2021 with no exact date, but Uncharted is due to visit screens on March 5, 2021. There are no transfers yet. You can also read our material about the long-suffering history of the creation of this film.

This was all the important news of the end of the week, stay tuned.

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