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A Pocket Game Console Announced for Exclusive Games


Panic, a developer of games and macOS applications, has presented its own pocket-sized Playdate gaming solution. The created game console fits in the palm of your hand and is positioned as a platform for indie projects - games produced by independent small studios and developers.

The console bears a resemblance to the shape of the classic Gameboy, but at the same time it is distinguished by a rather strange detail - a side mechanical handle, a bit like those found in pencil sharpeners. The rotating handle is not a decorative element, but is one of the full-fledged controls, and in some games it can play a decisive role.

The bright yellow Playdate handheld console features a 2.7-inch black and white screen. In addition to the mechanical knob, the A and B keys along with the D-pad cross-shaped switch became the controls for the gadget. The operating system of the game console is the proprietary development of Panic. Playdate features a headphone port and USB-C slot, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi modules.


A mini-format game console with 12 games preinstalled, supports an interesting scheme to keep players' attention. Despite the fact that all 12 games are free, they will gradually appear. Every week, users will receive a new game via Wi-Fi, which will be indicated by a special indicator.

For their handheld console, the Panic team brought in the developers of famous indie games. The first console game was Crankin's Time Travel Adventure, where the side handle came in handy: by rotating it, the player gets the opportunity to go back to avoid obstacles.


The fancy bright yellow game console is tentatively priced at $ 149 . In the first 12 weeks, all users will receive all 12 games for free. Their further development will depend on how popular the gadget becomes. Playdate is slated to go on sale next year.

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Author: Jake Pinkman