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State of Decay 2 Video Review - Microsoft Did It Again


Criticizing Microsoft for the small number of worthy exclusives has become a real mainstream in the gaming industry.

Being able to play big hits on Xbox One from the Xbox 360 console, Game Pass, which offers you to see the company's new projects at a ridiculous price, is great.

But where are the games, major exclusives, for which you want to buy a Microsoft console or get a powerful computer on Windows 10? Panic aside, State of Decay 2 has recently been released - a new Microsoft exclusive and the company's main trump card in the console war.

How big is a trump card - that's worth talking about separately. The original State of Decay was a fresh sip of similar zombie action games. Instead of thoughtlessly exterminating the living dead, the player had to build his own small camp, and then, managing the roommates and correctly distributing resources, survive in the next Apocalypse.

Despite a number of advantages and a fresh gameplay concept, the budget of the game, the monotony of the gameplay and the lack of multiplayer spoiled the experience of State of Decay too much. State of Decay 2 is called upon to correct this misunderstanding, for which Microsoft allocated more impressive finances, and brought the plot, and even finally added multiplayer. That's how you look from the outside and it seems as if Microsoft heard gamers, replenishing the line of games on Xbox One Windows and 10 with a wonderful exclusive!

Um, wait a minute, so great? Not really. You can find out more in the State of Decay 2 video review, in which Alice explains why the undead are not the worst that the game has to offer.

But it's worth noting that State of Decay 2 has one important advantage over the PS4 exclusive God of War - a low price. If after Alice's video you agree to put up with the shortcomings of the game, then you can download State of Decay 2 at a price of 1999 rubles. Or even buy a Game Pass for 600 rubles to enjoy the latest Microsoft exclusives, such as Sea of Thieves, for a month.

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Author: Jake Pinkman