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World of Warships Coming Soon to Consoles


World of Warships has finally reached the shores of consoles and is now preparing to set off to conquer the vastness of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The new console version is called Legends and differs in some details from its PC cousin.

According to the developers from Wargaming, they managed to take into account the peculiarities of the gameplay on the gamepads, so the new World of Warships Legends is no longer an easy transfer of the game from PC to console. Now it is a separate project, which has its own exclusive content and new game features.

To make the game not only exciting, but even a little believable, the authors tried to combine physics from the real world with elements of action and a simple arcade. In the eyes of owners, PS 4 and Xbox Legends will no longer be a hardcore simulator, but a game that will be comfortable to play even with a joystick in hand.

Despite the fact that the development of "Legends" is carried out by the same team from St. Petersburg, which continues to develop the version of World of Warships for PC, both games are very different from each other. In this case, console owners should not rely on cross-platform, but should start preparing to accept a new project.

The release of World of Warships Legends is scheduled for 2019, however, on the official website, you can already sign up for alpha testing, which will begin in July. The developers promise to reveal the latest news and details about the game at the end of summer at gamescom 2018.

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Author: Jake Pinkman