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Iconic weapon from video games. Part one


Killing in games is fun, but killing with cool weapons is doubly fun. Video games gave us a lot of cool weapons for which we were willing to go to great lengths to get our hands on it. Today on our portal we will recall the most iconic weapons from the games. Since in the entire history of video games we have seen many cool swords, barrels or other killing devices that continue to appear today, we will divide the material into two parts. In the first we will talk about weapons from games that came out before 2010, and in the second we will touch on weapons that came to us from the past decade. Disclaimer. Considering that classic games are often remakes now, a lot of the weapons from old games appear in a new format, but even if you saw Buster the sword in FFVII Remake,

The Legend of Zelda

There are many cool weapons in The Legend of Zelda series, but the Master Sword has always been and will be a cult icon. Many games in the franchise revolved around him. According to legend, he is endowed with special power to defeat evil and inflict great damage on it. In Ocarina of Time, he helped Link travel through time, which was a key mechanic of the game. In Wind Waker, he is so powerful that he turned the Evil King to stone. And in Skyward Sword, evil was sealed as such with it.


In total, the sword has appeared in 9 games in the series, and has even looked into other projects like Soulcalibur, Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart and Bayonetta.

Fire Flower / Mario

Fire Flower - arguably Mario's most memorable enhancement after Super Mushrooms - it gives the Italian plumber the ability to throw fireballs. This attack helps him defeat other opponents that are immune to jumping.


The Fire Flower has been in Mario since the first Super Mario Bros. in 1985, and also appeared in Super Smash Bros and Mario Kart. Dagger

Prince of Persia

The restart of Prince of Persia turned the game about running through the corridors into an oriental tale of the mysterious sands of time that consumed the kingdom. The whole plot revolved around the dagger of time, which allowed the Prince not only to escape from death and rewind time back, but was also the only weapon capable of killing opponents. An iconic gaming weapon that we are unlikely to see in the future.


Buster Sword / Final Fantasy VII

About six feet long and one foot wide, Buster Sword is not just a huge piece of metal, but a real legendary weapon throughout the Final Fantasy series. For the protagonist of the seventh game, Cloud, he is also of great value, as he personifies his struggle and his promise to stay alive. The weapon was given to Cloud by Zach Fair, who inherited it from its original owner Angela Hewley.


Half-Life 2

Zero-level energy field manipulator or Gravipushka. This weapon is largely representative of what Source was capable of in Half-Life 2. With it, Gordon was able to pull objects in the environment and throw them at enemies. You feel especially the power of this weapon when you send a large circular saw at another zombie in Ravenholm. And when overloaded, you can release concentrated energy at the enemy and hurl people.


Crowbar / Half-Life

The first thing that the Vortigaunts saw when they first arrived on Earth, as a scientist in glasses rushing towards them with a mount in his hands. That is why, in their culture, the mount has become a legendary thing. For us, it is even more iconic than the gravity gun, because it represents the entire Half-Life series as such.


BFG 9000 / Doom

The name of this weapon speaks for itself: Big Fu * king Gun. The BFG9000 fires large green balls of plasma that deal severe damage to most enemy types, often clearing an entire room in one go. A direct hit by a BFG will instantly kill any non-boss enemy. In the new parts of Doom, he became even more deadly.


The funny thing is that despite all its coolness, initially it, like all other weapons in the game, was copied from toys that the developers bought in the children's store.

Plasma Cutter / Dead Space

What would Isaac Clarke do if he didn't have a technical Plasma Cutter on hand. Instead of giving the player the usual set of weapons to deal with the space threat: pistol, shotgun, machine gun, the game provides a futuristic tool that can be improved as the game progresses. When fired from the 211-V Plasma Cutter, a charge of ionized plasma is delivered, which easily cuts through the flesh of the Necromorphs, and you have great pleasure in the way their limbs fly in all directions.


Hidden Blade / Assassin's Creed

Since the Hidden Blade appeared in 2007 in the first part of the AC, it has represented the series. And even today, when the last hero of the game did not have one at all. Each new part of it was modified and already in the second part you could carry two hidden blades at once, and also put a hidden pistol near one of them. In the future, he had even more iterations. We're just glad we'll see him again in the next part, albeit attached to the top of Avor's wrist.


Blades of Chaos / God of War

Forged in the depths of the kingdom of Hades by the God of War, Ares, the blades are created to serve those who are worthy. Kratos was given them after he pledged his life to the God of War. And while the Leviathan ax is much cooler, Blades of Chaos is a symbol of the beginning of one of the most important franchises in PlayStation games.


Vampire Slayer / Castlevania

Indiana Jones may be the most famous whip winner in the movies, but in games, Castlevania's protagonist rightfully takes that place.


The Vampire Slayer, also known as the Holy Whip or Magic Whip, is a legendary whip featured in many Castlevania games. Commonly used by members of the Belmont family, the whip was created to fight Dracula and his horde of demonic minions. The use of the whip by a person who is not a direct descendant of the Belmont clan is potentially fatal - however, a person who does not have Belmont blood can wield it if they perform a series of special rituals.

Mega Man Blaster

Blaster Mega Mena, or Mega Buster, has changed a lot since its first appearance in the games of the series, both in design and in power. Originally it could only fire tiny projectiles, but in Mega Man 5 it was upgraded to a Super Mega Buster that could hold a charge and be used against any enemy that dared to look out of cover.


Kunai Scorpion / Mortal Kombat

Do not count how many people have heard the phrase "Come here!" before the Kunai of the Scorpion flew into their head or chest. Throughout the MK series, Scorpio always had a sharp kunai on a chain that appeared in his hand before impaling an enemy. This weapon characterizes the entire Mortal Kombat franchise in many ways: eerie, uncompromising and deadly.


Energy Blade / Halo 2

In the first game, we did not use this sword, but only watched with envy how others use it. But on the other hand, in Halo 2, we could already rush at the enemy and kill with one blow, holding this inimitable blade in our hands. Even today, it is one of the best weapons in games as such.


By the way, we mentioned the energy blade separately in our top dedicated exclusively to swords and blades from games. In the next top we will talk about more modern weapons from games.

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