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Top Sharpest Swords in Games


Recently, Darksiders 3 and its main character Wrath reached our gaming platforms with her metal whip. Knut, by the way, is a pretty good and graceful weapon, but it still cannot be compared with the good old, large sword, with which you can smash crowds of enemies of all breeds. Today we have collected the sharpest and coolest swords from video games.

1. Chaos Eater - Darksiders

And we will start our top best swords from the game with the weapons of the younger brother of Wrath. There was such an unremarkable sword, the most common horseman of the War apocalypse called the Chaos Eater. As it turned out, hunger is not only a human vice, because this sword devoured any vital energy that it touched. And now, after a while, he gained weight and ceased to be a simple ordinary sword. Most importantly, neither the sword nor its owner want to stop, and are ready to chop down anyone who thinks they both need forced liposuction.


2. The Ashbringer - World of Warcraft

This sword from WoW was once ordinary trash. It was created by the king of the dwarves, who forged a sword from a magical artifact thrown out by someone and placed a fiery rune there. As a result, he passed through many masters and today has become one of the most dangerous swords against the undead, which literally incinerates the nad, turning it into a charred heap of remains and bones. Therefore, run to the nearest point of delivery and reception of metal, who knows, maybe there is something interesting lying around.

World of Warcraft

3. High Frequency Sword - Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

This sword is just a real dream for a chef, because they can perfectly chop fruits, vegetables, as well as crowds of enemies into the smallest pieces, which is what the main character of the game Raiden does. Thanks to its AC power amplified by resonance at very high frequencies, this makes it so sharp that, with the proper skill, it can cut shrapnel and cored solid metal bullets on the fly. Truly a very technological and cool weapon of their video games.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

4. Master Sword - The Legend of Zelda

If you don't know what fame and world fame are, then you are definitely not a competitor to Link's sword from The Legend of Zelda. Today, he is the symbol of the series, as well as the most famous weapon in the world of video games in general. In addition to its stylish appearance with a gem-encrusted handle, the sword also has the power to fight evil. It was created by the gods for this very purpose - to destroy the darkest evil. In addition, he can remove magic barriers, repel spells, and call on divine power for help.

The Legend of Zelda

5. Rebel - Devil May Cry

Unlike ours, the divine sword passed - this one is a demonic creature, with which, ironically, everyone's favorite nephelem Dante destroys demonic creatures. In skillful hands, he is able not only to pierce enemies with lightning speed, but also to match his master, he is able to transform into a demonic halberd or an angelic scythe. In general, a beautiful and very versatile piece.

Devil May Cry

6. Soul Egde - Soulcalibur

This dual sword has its own consciousness and is even capable of resurrecting past owners from the dead. The cursed weapon thanks to which the pirate Cervante terrorized the whole world for 25 years. Its peculiarity is that it gives strength to fight evil to those who want to become a hero and a terrible power of a villain. It is also known that everyone who is looking for him is doomed to misfortune.


7. Buster Sword - Final Fantasy

It is six feet long and one foot wide, with it you will look incredibly cool and can defeat any target. In the world of Final Fantasy, of course. But if you look at it realistically, it is big, cumbersome, clumsy, and besides, it was bought on credit, and even for other people's money. In general, a cool look is good, but if I had such a sword, I think it would be gathering dust in the attic.

Final Fantasy

8. Heavenly Sword

An incredible energy has accumulated in this sword, which once resurrected one dark knight. Everyone hunts for this sword, but it went to a young girl who learned how to use it so gracefully that she drove this very knight back to where he came from.

Heavenly Sword

9. Energy Sword - Halo

Let's call this device in some clever way - "a portable charger based on the energy sword of the Covenant", abbreviated as PZUNOEMK - easy to remember, right? But seriously, this is a clot of pure plasma that the Master Chief took away from the aliens, capable of cutting anything (well, except for powerful textures, of course) like a Jedi sword. This weapon from Halo can rightfully be called one of the best in the list of top weapons from the games.


10. Soul Thief -Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain

Once this sword was created, no one even thought that the fate of the planet would depend on it, because it would become a powerful artifact on it (a typical story in the world of video games). The Soul Thief has elemental powers and can use each of them. It will also give power to the one who wears it, it's a pity that it gradually eats the soul of the wearer, but that's nothing.

Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain

11. The Ebony Blade - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

This ancient Daedric artifact, created by the Daedra Princess Mephala, is one of the most powerful weapons that appears in every part of the scroll series. “The sword can not be more evil than the one who wears it” - says the legend, and not casual, but the blade is a product of dark forces. It gives you strength, but when you attack with it, some of the damage is returned. Thus, while you kill with a blade, it kills you.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

These were the sharpest, coolest swords from the world of video games. It's a pity that no matter how you want to chop off crowds of enemies with each of them, you will have only a gamepad or a mouse in your hand.

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Author: Jake Pinkman