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Top 10 games ahead of their time


It doesn't take much to make it into the history of the gaming industry: you “just” have to create a game that not only copies classic ideas from other video games, but also takes them to the next level. There is another way, even more complicated: to create an absolutely unique game, albeit full of familiar elements, but at the same time bringing many of your own, new ideas. In short: games that propel the entire gaming industry forward and deliver unique experiences. Today you will learn about a dozen of such games ahead of their time from Alice's new video.

In the top there was a place both for cult games, which at one time received a legitimate "10 out of 10" from the gaming press and gamers, and slightly less well-known projects. It is recommended to play in them purely out of academic interest, but you should not expect special revelations. Although they were the pioneers and made the gaming industry as we know it today, this is still the case when the students surpassed the teacher.

Of course, the selection of games ahead of their time, without the main modern genius and Instagram star - Kojima, was also not without.

And if you have already completed all the games from the top, then you can pay attention to the latest innovations in the gaming industry in our selection of the best games of October 2018.

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Author: Jake Pinkman