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Top 10 Open World Games


We can state with full responsibility that the outgoing 2018 was marked by open world games. Today, every second developer and publisher considers it their duty to stretch the gameplay at the expense of the open world. But what can I say, even if the primordially linear action game God of War got Open-World elements this year. How successful this trend is - everyone will decide for himself, because demand dictates supply. But this genre has its own legends and today we will remember the 10 best open world games that can and should be set as an example for the entire gaming industry.

Games were chosen according to a simple principle: if you can literally live in them, enjoying every minute of your time, then they definitely deserve their place in the top. The setting, the presence of role-playing elements and even the number of towers per square kilometer are not important - if the game is simply fun to play and it offers a dozen exciting stories in the virtual world, then again, we are happy to bring it to the top of the best games in the open world.

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Author: Jake Pinkman