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Rumor: Electronic Arts Kills Another StarWars Game


If you've been following the gaming industry closely in recent years, you might be reminded of the acclaimed Electronic Arts scandal. In 2017, the publisher closed the Visceral Games studio, which, led by the creator of the Uncharted series, was developing a new project in the Star Wars universe - Star Wars 1313. The game was conceived as a cinematic linear adventure, which Electronic Arts did not like very much. The publisher disbanded the studio and entrusted the development of Star Wars 1313 to a new team, which were supposed to create a game-service in an open world corresponding to modern trends. But this idea was not destined to come true and the game has already gone to the dustbin of history.

At least that's what one of the most famous insiders in the gaming industry says - the ubiquitous Kotaku journalist Jason Schreier. According to him, new developers in the person of EA Vancouver reworked the game from the very foundation. Almost all plot or gameplay developments were scrapped, and the game itself appeared in the publisher's reports under the code name "Orca".

The concept of the game was redesigned with an emphasis on multiplayer and an open world: in "Orca" it was planned to create several detailed planets, on which players were divided into criminals and bounty hunters. Of course, the goal of the game was obvious, and the presence of numerous factions known from the Star Wars universe could add to the confusion in the battles.

Star Wars 1313

Sounds quite viable, but Electronic Arts again was not satisfied with the protracted development time of the game. The publisher needed a new project that would bring profit already in 2020, and not in the next five years. The outcome of the story turned out to be obvious: EA closed the large-scale "Orca" and they are preparing a new and this time much less ambitious game to replace it. According to insiders Jason Schreier, the unnamed project is being prepared for release in late 2020, presumably for the release of next-generation consoles.

As a reminder, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is expected to be released in 2019 - a new game from the creators of the TitanFall and Call of Duty series. But we have fears that this Star Wars project might be canceled. Like the late Star Wars 1313, this game also emphasizes linear storytelling with no open-world elements.

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