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Top 10 Fake Easter Eggs in Games


Easter egg hunting in video games has become a popular pastime among gamers. Thousands of players scrupulously explore the virtual worlds in an attempt to find all the secrets in order to take on the role of discoverers. Of course, the popularity of Easter eggs has another side: some of the players spread unverified rumors and myths, telling about the next secrets and watching with a smile as gamers try to find nonexistent Easter eggs. Enough tolerating this! Today, Alice will take on the role of the mythbreaker and in a new video will tell about 10 of the most famous fake Easter eggs in games.

In the game top there was a place not only for absurd rumors, but also for professionally prepared fake Easter eggs, which have evidence filmed on video and are so professionally forged that it is impossible to find fault. But it seems at first glance, because even master scammers tolerate fiasco on minor details, as you can see in the new video of Alice.

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Author: Jake Pinkman