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10 great anime games


Anime and games have a good but distinctive relationship. Often an anime is made based on a cool game. Think of Pokemon and here's a prime example of this kind of interaction. And vice versa, games are made based on popular anime. It is true that in the first and second cases, the success of the original source does not guarantee the success of adaptation, and, unfortunately, many anime games do not turn out to be as good. Like the games based on the movies, it comes out poorly and only makes you want to end your suffering and commit hara-kiri.

It's one thing when it's visual novels, which are an amateur genre, but when it comes to action games, RPGs and fighting games, the list of good projects shrinks. Alice talks about such good anime games in her new video. Especially for those gamers who love both watching anime and playing games, she found 10 great projects.

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Author: Jake Pinkman