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Top 9 Weird Japanese Games


Some Western developers often call Japanese game design ingenious and for good reason. Many of the iconic game mechanics, genres, and characters appeared there. At the same time, genius and madness are always the sides of the same coin, and it so happens that in Japan there are also the strangest games, the meaning of which can be difficult to interpret.

Yes, Europe and America are also full of strange projects, but they are devoid of that very oriental flavor, madness and stream of consciousness generated by the Japanese mentality. Moments like this are also easy to spot in Japanese films and anime, with their cliches and tropes that might seem odd to an untrained viewer.

In her new video, Alice has collected for you 9 of the strangest Japanese games, only confirming the theory that if you need selective madness and farce, then we are in the Japanese niche gamedev. Japanese prime minister simulator, dressing issekai and dating with pigeons are just a few of what awaits you.

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Author: Jake Pinkman