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Gems of Japanese Game Dev


Historically, the culture of video games spread in the CIS space much later than in the West. In the early nineties, when the steel curtain fell, tones of previously unlawful and inaccessible content, including video games, fell on the post-Soviet space. However, among the fake Dendy, pirated discs, ala 1000 books and 1 cheat code for Sega games, there was no place for Japanese gamedev.

In America, everything was much better, and there Japanese projects are appreciated both by players for whom The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and the Final Fantasy series were a real cultural phenomenon, and for designers borrowing methods from Japanese developers. level design and some mechanics.

In our country, both from the beginning of the 90s and up to today, authentic Japanese games are not very popular. Often due to the fact that they have only English localization and were often released on exclusive consoles, for example, some Nintendo 3DS or Gameboy.

So it turns out that we are missing a huge cultural layer of games from Japan, which is quite tragic. Especially if you are a connoisseur of a new gaming experience. Importantly, this isn't about DMC, Dark Souls, or Resident Evil flirting with Western audiences. And about projects aimed directly at the Japanese audience, with all the quirks and the presence of culture shock. In her video, Alice will tell you about five of these games from Japan that have a true oriental spirit.

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Author: Jake Pinkman