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Why is Hideo Kojima a genius?


As you log into Hideo Kozma's Instagram, you will find comments under each post, elevating him as a genius creator. Walking into a bookstore, you may stumble upon a book called "Kojima is a genius." Looking at the ratings of his games - they will be high, as well as expectations from Death Stranding. Jokes aside, but are his games really genius and revolutionary?

Very soon, many USAs will be able to see him at IgroMir 2019, to which Hideo will come to support Death Stranding. And since it so came together, we have a reason to discuss what is special he brought to the gaming industry, and really changed it. This is what Alice is analyzing in her new video. She considered both his creative path and analyzed the projects of a Japanese game designer to answer the eternal and even memes question: is Kojima a genius?

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Author: Jake Pinkman