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10 Great Japanese PC Games


Japan is known for many things, and one of the most prominent, for better or worse [decide for yourself], is hentai. Japanese developers are people capable of implementing it in anything from visual novels to even JRPGs. And here you can't even say so unambiguously that in front of you is a game with elements of hentai or hentai with elements of other genres.

Hentai games have been released in Japan since time immemorial, both on PC and on consoles. A lot of strip mahjong games were sold on the domestic market on the Sega Saturn. Now everything has changed, and in the era of widespread popularity of consoles, for example, you will not find a hentai exclusive for PS4. And so it happened that today only the PC remains the only stronghold of this genre. In her new video, after doing an in-depth study of the genre, Alice has collected 10 great hentai games for PC that will help you brighten up your quarantine evenings between parties in Doom Eternal or other AAA project.

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Author: Jake Pinkman