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Anime filmed based on games


The worlds of games and anime often overlap, especially if they are Japanese titles. But if the games usually have no luck with film adaptations, their anime adaptations come out pretty good. We have collected the top anime filmed by games.

Sonic X

Sonic is not just a Sega mascot. This blue hedgehog is the face of the company, comparable in importance to what Mario or Link mean to Nintendo. Unsurprisingly, several anime interpretations have been made across the game series. However, we'll talk about the anime "Sonic X", based on the first 3D game in the Sonic Adventure DX series in 1998.

The plot revolves around some chaos emeralds. If you put them all together, then you can get divine power. Dr. Egman naturally hunted them, but the main antagonist of the anime was Chaos - a strange creature that devoured the emeralds of chaos and became godlike. Anime went to people, but it was too childish and sluggish. As a result, in Japan, the audience lost interest, and the third season was not shown there at all. In Europe and the USA, on the contrary, people watched it before the last episode.


Mass Effect: Paragon Lost

This is a full-length anime based on the most famous and cool Bioware franchise. Moreover, this project can be called international, since Bioware was hired to write the script and make storyboards by an American studio, but the Japanese were already translating it into animation. The mix is really cool.

Mass Effect: Paragon Lost takes place in parallel with the plot of the second game. Collectors kidnap colonizers from different planets. The Alliance squad ends up on one of these planets, where collectors are raging. Anime has only one drawback. It's better not to watch it without going through the second part of Mass Effect, as it is full of spoilers for the game. On the other hand, the plot is independent enough to watch it. Even if you are not familiar with the series of games, you will understand everything.


Halo Legends

But this anime based on the famous Halo franchise, you can watch with a pure soul, without fear of any spoilers. More precisely, you are unlikely to watch it without playing at least one of the Halo parts before.

This is an almanac of seven short films from various Japanese studios. They all differ both in the quality of performance and in the plot, idea and concept. There are both touching stories and comedy, and even an anime about samurai with komenants, which is ridiculous in quality.


Anime can be watched separately from the game series.

Devil May Cry

Probably one of the best anime filmed for games. Before Capcom decided to relaunch the game in 2014, entrusting the development to the British [for details, see our material about the history of the DMC series], an anime series was made on their behalf.

It is completely canon of the original series of games and tells about the events after the first part. However, not everything is so simple with him. Despite the cool animation and the story in general, Dante's character has changed in it. There is not in the anime that daring pathos from the game that oozed from all the cracks. Local Dante, although cool, is rather cool as a typical strong hero. He also masterfully deals with demons, but no longer throwing out jokes over and over again. He's restrained here, or something ...


Still, the anime is recommended for watching.


My conscience did not allow me not to add Pokemon to this list. You already know everything about this anime, and is there any point in talking about it? Well, perhaps the fact that the first seasons can really be called cult, and the following, although good, but less significant.

In many ways, people who are superficially familiar with anime believe that Pokemon games are based on the series. Although everything is just the opposite. The very first game in the series appeared in 1996 on Nintendo's Game Boy. But the anime about Ash, Misty and Brock itself was released only in 2002.


It's funny that the recent film "Detective Pikachu" is called the best adaptation of the game, but these two products have as much in common as in the abilities of Medjikarp and Gayardos. But anime, on the contrary, fully complies with all the canons of the game. There are also tons of full-length films for this franchise, so the scope for viewing is huge.


It's impossible to say that this anime based on the Bayonetta series of games of the same name is something remarkable. The project was too commercial. Anime has a few positives though. First, the animation. She's great here, like all the visuals and the style of the show. Secondly, it is dynamic. And the last - it looks in one go, but rather because of all of the above, and not something outstanding.


This product is purely for fans, or for those skrepbearers who are still ready to put up with sexual objectification in 2019. Foo be that way.


Here I am generally talking about anime adaptations of each part of Persona, starting with the third. They fully correspond to the plot of each numbered part, and complement them. We have a problematic series, both games and anime. The reason for this is that the games are oriented to the West, and since they are also classic representatives of the Japanese game dev, they do not have USA localization. So it happens that some drive to the new part of the Persona series, and then watch anime adaptations, and write praise, wherever it may be. The latter, however, do not catch up, what kind of person is this?


If you decide to watch Persona, you can skip the full-length Persona: Trinity Soul, as even the creators themselves are ashamed of this creation. Also read our material on the series itself.

Fate / stay night

It's easier to shoot yourself in the head than trying to understand the chronology of Faith's universe. However, it's safe to say that the adaptation of the first visual novel of Fate / stay night made a lot of noise. She follows the second path of the visual novel.


There is also a series that came out later, but it mixes all the paths of the novel. In general, start watching the full-length Fate / stay night, and after that you will torment yourself with how to watch it next.

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