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Iconic weapon from video games. Part two


Last time we talked about iconic weapons from many classic games. And if then we recalled the projects of the nineties and zero, then today we will talk about the gaming weapon that we saw not so long ago in the games released in the last decade. Some are far from being “cult”, but we are sure they have potential.

Crucible / Doom: Eternal

Just as the first parts of Doom gave us BFG 9000, so Doom: Eternal gave us the Crucible - a hellish energy sword. It flashed in Doom 2016, but we were only able to use it in the last part. It is capable of destroying any demon of hell, regardless of size. During the Demonic War, it was with the help of the Crucible that the Doom Executioner brought down the Spikes of Hell, and in the same way at the very end he uses it to defeat the Icon of Sin. The most powerful weapon worth completing half the game for.


Tihar / Metro 2033

At a time when cartridges are so valuable that they are used as currency in the Metro world, Tihar has become an indispensable and, most importantly, effective weapon for rangers. Collected practically from debris, it shoots bearing balls, and is almost completely silent, for which it earned its name. It can also be easily upgraded.


Leviathan / God of War

Leviathan was forged for the mother of Atreus. As a result, he became Kratos' main weapon in the last part of God of War. With all the advantages of the Blades of Chaos, they fade into the background before the power of Leviathan, which can not only effectively cut enemies, but also freeze them. Kratos is able to throw an ax at the enemy, and after that he will return to his hand, and along the way he will cut down several more enemies. They are simply very comfortable and enjoyable to fight.


Saints Row The Third

There are many strange weapons in the Saints Row series, such as a cannon that can summon sharks from under the ground and the notorious dubstep cannon. But nothing beats what this series represents - the penetrator. What features does a penetrator have? Well, this is a huge purple dildo that you can use to beat people up. He is not capable of anything else. But again, the main thing here is symbolism and significance. The pry bar from Half-Life also lacks rich functionality, but it does not prevent it from being cult.


Spear of Leonidas / Assassin's Creed Odyssey

Leonidas' Spear is another Issu artifact in the Assassin's Creed series. Initially, Leonidas, the king of Sparta, went into battle with him. After his death, it passed to his daughter Mirim, and she gave it to Cassandra. It has tremendous divine power that not only elevates Cassandra in the eyes of the Greeks, but allows her to reveal her true powers.


According to the plot, killing members of the Cult of the Cosmos, we get an improvement for the spear, which brings us closer and closer to the real hidden abilities of the heroine. And having entered new areas in the latest expansion, the spear helps us acquire semi-divine status. Among other things, it is, of course, a deadly weapon, both in open combat and in stealth.

Blade of Corvo / Dishonored

Corvo's unique blade that he uses for his revenge. It was created by Pierrot specially for the Loyalists. In many ways, this is just an ordinary blade that turns into a deadly weapon in the able hands of Corvo. It is ideal for both swordsmanship and combination with the Alien's abilities. And this blade is also folding. It has no unique abilities, but it's just a cool weapon and stylish as well.


After Corvo, the blade passed to his daughter, who followed in her father's footsteps.

Swords of Geralt / The Witcher

“Hey gray-haired, why do you need two swords? Hah, and it turns out you have two dick too? " In the books of Andrzej Sapkowski, Geralt always had one sword. Only in the CD Projekt Red games did the White Wolf acquire a special sword for humans, and a second one for monsters. In fact, two swords appeared in the 2007 game, which violates the logic of the top, but in my defense, I want to say that in the first part there was no significant emphasis in design on this.


Two swords behind the back is part of the image of Geralt, whom we know today, and the second sword migrated behind the back of the witcher only in the second game. That's why he ended up here. By themselves, Geralt had many swords. However, the essence of two swords behind the back remains the same - steel for people, silver for monsters.

Wabbajack / Skyrim

The legendary weapon of the mad daedra Sheogorath is the Staff of Wabbajack. This is definitely a cool weapon, but whether it is effective is another question. Wabbajack is the embodiment of a random generator, because using it, you never know what will happen. He can turn the enemy, both into a rabbit and a mud crab, send lightning, kill, summon an atronach, make the target invisible. Who knows what will happen if you use Wabbajack. But it's a hell of a lot of fun.


Service Weapon / Control

After picking up the Service Weapon of the Director of the Bureau of Federal Control, Jesse Fayden became the new Director, and also acquired one of the most powerful Objects of Power in the Bureau. In fact, it is a pistol that can transform into other types of weapons from a shotgun to a machine gun or become a stream of energy. It also gives access to the memories of the past director.


Unique weapons, both in abilities and design.

We hope we have made the right decision, and this weapon from the games will really have the status of a cult one day.

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Author: Jake Pinkman