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Movies 2020: Top 40 Most Anticipated. Part 2


Movies 2020: Top 40 Most Anticipated. Part 2 It's time to continue our top best films of 2020. We discussed the movie premieres for six months in our last release, now it's the turn of the second half of the year. This means that there will still be a lot of good, cool and spectacular things ahead.

We remind you that the films in the top are ranked not according to the waiting rating, but according to the release schedule. Happy reading!


USA, May 7

It is not entirely clear which destroyer of the US Navy we are talking about, since the only destroyer named "Greyhound" (which means "Greyhound" or "Hound" in USA), which took part in the naval battles of World War II, was sunk yet May 21, 1941 by German Ju 87 Junkers in the Mediterranean.


In the film, the action takes place in the Atlantic Ocean a year after the only ship known by that name was destroyed. On his shoulders, as befits any destroyer, will be assigned the mission of patrolling ships carrying cargo of various purposes, and combat units and subunits, including.

It is not known for certain what kind of ships the destroyer Greyhound, who has risen from the depths, will escort, but its captain is known - the brave captain Ernst Krause, whom the creators of the tape entrusted to play Tom Hanks. Krause is a non-combat officer as captain of a ship yet, but is applying to become a true leader, versed in both combat strategy and tactics of warfare at sea.

Well, let's see what kind of Greyhound sailed there in 1942 from the birth of Christ of our next alternative universe.

Fast & Furious 9

USA, May 21

Next on the list of the best films of 2020 is the next "Fast and the Furious". Honored diesel engineer Vin Diesel and the company smoothly flowed into the 9th tape of the franchise, which has every chance of becoming the last. After all, it's not a secret for anyone that the rating of films from this MCU is slowly but surely creeping down.


The franchise, which began with stories where racing really stood in the first place, has long since departed from its original theme. Now this is a series of third-rate action films in the style of “Chug-bang! - Ours won! " with a huge number of famous people and with shitty scenarios of the same type.

It is already clear to those around him that one person cannot become a figurant in such a loud batch in his life, while remaining safe and sound. This is either fabulous luck, or fabulous naivety, or a fabulous movie about superheroes. But since some people like fairy tales, Universal decided to continue.

In the new story, in addition to the sore Dominic Torreto (Diesel) and Letty Ortiz (Rodriguez), cyber terrorist Cypher (Charlize Theron) and Magdalena Shaw (Helen Mirren) will reappear, although now they have no son. Let's see if the successors of the franchise can surprise us with something new this time. For rent, unlikely.

Artemis Fowle

USA, May 28

Continues the top best films of 2020 with a long-term construction from the Disney studio. Yes, not only in USA the tapes are shifted to a later date. This is evidenced by the premiere of the film Artemis Fowl postponed from August 2018 to the end of May 2020.

This is an adaptation of the opening work of Jon Colfer's cycle "Artemis Fowle", consisting of 8 novels, in which the young genius of the underworld was 12 years old. Artemis's precocious mind not only sought out the harsh truth about how his father died and who his killers were, but also developed a plan on how to avenge his death by returning the family to its former lost glory.

Shiver the fabulous creatures that long ago found shelter under the earth's firmament. Artemis will lead you all to clean water!

Wonder Woman 1984

USA June 4th

Of all the projects filmed in the DC Universe, Warner Bros. Pictures' most successful were Aquaman and Wonder Woman. It is them, first of all, that the creators of the media franchise decided to continue. And if Aquaman, released a little later, will acquire a sequel only in 2022, then the world will find out about the next feats and adventures of Wonder Woman in 2020.


Remaining among the people after her "military adventures", Diana decides to devote herself to art and all the same imperishable "justice" that the DC universe is so proud of. To this day, for some reason, little has been heard about her exploits, except for the comics. But, they have their own universe, and films have their own. And the filmmakers from Warner Bros. decided to slightly fill the gap in the biography of one of their most important superheroes.

Not only Bruce Wayne has directed his millions of dollars to develop new types of weapons and other things that would give him the powers of a real superhero, which Batman, in fact, is. But since there are good superheroes in the Gotham universe, there will always be bad ones, to which the tycoon Lord can be ranked.

This one decided to increase his strength not through the development of technology, but, like Hitler from the Indiana Jones universe, through ancient magical artifacts, the search and collection of which he devoted his financial savings.

In his service there are many sixes, one of which is a certain Barbara En Minera, who was not lucky enough to get "under the distribution" of one of the artifacts she found. Now she has become Cheetah, a catwoman seeking revenge on the Lord for what has become of her.

Two things remain unclear. Which side in her "transformation" into a cat superheroine is the Lord's fault if she worked for him of her own free will and without any compulsion, and what role Wonder Woman herself will play in this story. Will they separate them, or what?

It will be very interesting to know what kind of script Patty Jenkins, Jeff Jones and Dave Callaham dashed off the immortal comic adventures of William M. Marston.

Green Lantern Corps

USA June 19

The next resounding premiere on the schedule is the Green Lantern Corps from the same DC universe. But the announced start of filming remained announced, because after a series of unsuccessful premieres, and the idiotic "Mummy" with Tom Cruise - including the ardor of the Warner Bros. studio. in this direction has faded somewhat, because of which the timing of the premiere of the picture may be shifted in the near future for an indefinite period of time.


But let's hope that everything will work out for them, and the project to restart the story of the Green Lanterns gets off the ground.

In the future story, in particular, it was supposed to be a showdown between two "cops" from the intergalactic "corps" John Stewart and Hal Jordan, who both turned out to be from Earth. And, as usual, the feuds between them should have faded into the background when a new global threat loomed before the world.

You can't imagine more naive and overwritten the plot. Let's hope that all this will be intertwined with small, but more weighty in terms of interest and originality, storylines.


USA, July 9

Everyone knows how the "Ghostbusters" by Paul Fig 2016 turned out to be FIG. Therefore, our top best films of 2020 continues with a tape that is completely unrelated to it.

Moreover, as the creators assure, this will be a direct continuation of the 1984 adventures, which can be seen, among other things, by the cast. In the arsenal of Sony Pictures Entertainment, there are not so many franchises left to throw them around so mediocre. That is why the figures from Columbia decided to return, so to speak, to the origins.

Most likely, this film will be a kind of restart of the franchise, in which we will be introduced to the future characters, who will replace the past protagonists.

But the continuation of the project directly depends on the success of the next story with the order of decrepit actors from the past. The case when the future of the franchise hangs on the shoulders of old people. We hope they shake things up with the old days!

Top Gun: Maverick

USA, Hong Kong, July 16

Another "return to the past". Apparently, modern authors working for the main media monsters of the world have worn out their "thinkers", since they, unable to come up with something new, continue to purposefully shoot the sequels of the blockbusters that made noise in the last century.

In the new film, the hero of Tom Cruise will again pull on his credit jacket, with which, by the way, the Taiwanese and Japanese flags have disappeared somewhere. Apparently, the film was allowed to be released in China. No joke, because of some kind of ideology there is to lose such a huge audience. And the sponsor of the picture is Chinese. So, there is no time for ideologies.

The scenario is not disclosed, but it is clear that this time Meverick will have to compete in flying skills with drones.

But the picture is more famous not for this, but for the fact that the creator of the franchise, Tony Scott, committed suicide a day before he was supposed to meet with Tom Cruise and discuss his participation in the project.

And it happens.


UK, Canada, USA, July 16

Fants rejoice. According to all their estimates, the future brainchild of Nolan will become a kind of continuation of "Inception" with DiCaprio. Only here the title role will no longer be Jack Dawson from "Titanic", but Edward Cullen from "Twilight" - Robert Pattinson.


From the teaser presented and immediately removed from the original source, little was clear. Or, more precisely, nothing is clear at all. Therefore, let's not guess, we will wait for the picture, which is still being filmed.

And yes, the aforementioned fans will have to cool down. Fiction in Nolan's new picture will not even smell. That is why all hopes about "continuation of the Beginning" fly to hell.

Morbius, the Living Vampire

USA, July 30

Sony's Spider-Man universe is expanding and growing. And now on the stage, following "Venom", another DC comics character comes out - the notorious Morbius, who, as in other cases with superheroes, accidentally managed to mutate into "something third".


Any fan of comics and cartoons about Spider-Man knows that Michael Morbius studied with Parker in the same educational institution, and in the same course. And what was the chance that a couple of superheroes, of which there were only one or two on the whole earth, mother, would come from not only one city, but also from one university?

But that's not all. Eddie Brock himself, the current Venom, is also going to be included in the film. It will probably be interesting.


USA, August 5

And again in our top of the best films in 2020, a fantastic film. This time it will be a story about the secret society "Kognomina", which for centuries has been controlling the development of human civilization.


In the center of the plot is someone Evan Michaels (Mark Wahlberg), who was not very lucky with reincarnation. He, in his current incarnation, began to recall some details from his past lives. Having begun to dig and investigate his "illness", he discovers that he is not alone on Earth. There are many such people, and they are united in one interesting society called "Kognomina".

Like everyone like him, he decides to join this society. And as it turned out later, he did it very, very timely.

Goalkeeper of the Galaxy

USA, August 27

Next on our list of the best and most anticipated films of 2020 is the domestic long-term construction, which was supposed to premiere on the eve of the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

The action takes place in the not so distant future, in which our planet fell into the millstones of an alien showdown. A battle between alien races took place nearby, as a result of which the Moon was destroyed, which led to global climate changes on the Earth itself.

Now, where North America used to be, ice hummocks stretch, and a huge stadium hovers over the capital of USA, where sports battles in spaceball take place.

The main person involved in the film is Anton, whom by hook or by crook they are trying to drag him into the team, although he himself hates this game.

But, as always, this is only for the time being. It would be where to push.

Monster Hunter

USA September 3

Fantastic again on our list of the best movies of 2020. This time it is another fantastic action movie by Paul Andersen with his wife Milla Jovovich in the title role.


And again, as in the case of "Resident Evil", this will be a film adaptation of the game. This time, the choice fell on a masterpiece in the style of Action / RPG Monster Hunter World, in which the main characters acted as hunters, whose goal was to destroy the monster-like creatures that live near Astera's base. It was to this parallel world that the special forces unit headed by Lieutenant Asteris (Milla Jovovich) moved.

Dilapidated over time, Lilu is no longer the first freshness, but she can still jump and run. We hope so. If only it did not work out as in the case of Linda Hamilton in Dark Fate, where Sarah Connor shows that you can beat her with spit.


USA, September 24

Another USA tape in the list of the most anticipated films of 2020. And again - fantastic. The picture is an adaptation of the novel of the same name by Evgeny Zamyatin.


Again - the post-apocalyptic world. This time it is akin to the world of Equilibrium. Only if there people were forbidden to experience emotions, here people completely forgot what love is. The action takes place in a single world state, in which all people are a kind of soulless, purposeful and conserved individuals in their careers and automatic existence.

But, as usually happens, one of the local engineers - D-503 falls in love with the I-330. Then the unexpected happens. He suddenly discovers in himself not only a storm of ancient and all-round emotions, but also a hidden world in which people still live the life of people, not soulless machines.

Death on the Nile

USA, October 8

Another Hollywood unfinished project on our list of the best movies of 2020. This time it is a detective story with the participation of Gal Gadot, due to which, mainly, the premiere of the picture was postponed first from November 8 to December 20, 2019, and now completely - to October 2020.


The tight schedule of the actress, in which the shooting in "Wonder Woman - 1984" is in the first place, and in the second - in the action-adventure movie "Red Notice", so far it does not allow to take part in the filming process of the detective, filming based on the novel of the same name by Agatha Christie .

The current film is a more recent version of the film of the same name, released in the second half of the 70s. This is an extremely confusing detective story in which Hercule Poirot, played by Kenneth Branagh himself, will have to get to the bottom of the truth - who committed, in fact, the mysterious murder on a ship sailing along the Nile, and at the same time other crimes that occurred long before this trip.

The new and improved Murder on the Orient Express hit audiences with a bang. We hope this masterpiece comes out as well.

GI Joe: Cobra Throw 3

USA, October 15

This is the case when the script for the film is written, there is a date in the studio's release schedule (in this case, Paramount), the director is found, the main actor is known, and there is no rumor or spirit about the project.


Nothing is known about the plot itself. One thing is clear that since the script was written under Dwayne Johnson, Rudblock will become the main character of the tape. But with Johnson himself, the project has not yet been seriously discussed, as a result of which this tape is not listed in the further filmography of the actor himself.

It is very likely that the picture will also become a long-term project. And it would come out in general, which more and more have to doubt. But the time before the announced release date is still in bulk. You look, the locomotive will move.

Although Johnson's busy schedule is hard to believe.

The Little Humpbacked Horse

USA, October 22

At a time when Disney with might and main undertook to remake their cartoons in a new way, USA cinema has hit the rehash of USA fairy tales. And, sometimes, it turns out very much even nothing. Especially if we talk about the first cartoons of the heroic series.


Continuing our list of the best films of 2020, the free retelling of the imperishable tale of Peter Ershov "The Little Humpbacked Horse". The hunchback will be filmed using the motion capture method, the sensors of the "hunchback's face" will be located on the face of actor Pavel Derevyanko. So, we can say with complete confidence that he will not only voice Humpbacked, he will also "play" him. Like Andy Serkis Goluma from The Lord of the Rings and Caesar's chimpanzee from Planet of the Apes.

About everyone knows what will be discussed in the tale. Well, we will see what kind of ad-libbing USA adapters Alexei Borodachev and Oleg Pogodin have in cinemas next fall.

Celestial Mind

USA, November 12

Our list of the best films of 2020 now consists of more than half of films shot in the fantasy genre. And the next in succession, if not strange, is again the domestic fantastic masterpiece, which was entrusted to shoot Vyacheslav Lisnevsky, who worked on such famous, but not particularly successful financially, films such as "Balkan Frontier" and "Champions: Faster." Higher. Stronger "

As usual, everything is tied to the future of humanity, in which this very humanity will come to the final and unconditional skiff. But there is hope. Salvation looks trite and worn out, but apparently they could not come up with another.

The scenario is somewhat similar to "Pandorum". Here, too, during the journey on the first research ship, an emergency occurs, which cut off communication with the Earth. Now it becomes clear that the ship will reach its target - the nearest planet with tolerable characteristics. But no one will be able to go back to report on the successful (or vice versa) terraforming of a new home for humanity.

And, by the way, how will the creatures that inhabit it react to climate change and the structure of the planet's airspace? We suspect that they are unlikely to be happy about this.


USA, UK, Canada, Hungary, December 17

The top best films of 2020 continues with the third attempt at film adaptation of the great creation of Frank Herbert. Although, why "try"? There were adaptations. But none of the fans of the original source really liked it.


The future of humanity, according to Herbert, is not so deplorable. The inhabited space is ruled by great families who have divided famous worlds among themselves. But the catch is that moving between them is possible only with the help of "spice", a substance found only on one of the planets discovered in the entire history of space exploration - Arrakis.

It turns out that whoever takes possession of this planet will automatically gain power over everyone. No wonder that a universal fight is about to break out for her.

And everything would be fine, but only on this planet there is also its own population, waiting for their messiah, called upon to arrange their revolution and throw greedy aliens back where they came from.

A Trip to America 2

USA, December 17

The current and current king of Zamunda - Akim performed by Eddie Murphy will return to the screens on the eve of Catholic Christmas. We do not think that the script of the new film will be fundamentally different from the original source, but there is always hope that the creators of the masterpiece will surprise you with something.


Regarding the plot, however sad it is, you can't say that. Everything promises to repeat itself, only now not with Akim himself, but with his once-lost son. Again melodrama, and again rich and poor. Most likely so. There is no other way.

One is calming. The son, most likely, does not yet know that he is rich. But Eddie Murphy's hero will fix that. The main question is how quickly it will happen, immediately or at the end. And who will the king of Zamunda introduce to his offspring, a bum who has found a son, or a rabbit of the African state who has found a son?

The Last Hero: The Root of Evil

USA, December 24

After the breathtaking success of The Last Hero in 2017, which with a budget of 8 million dollars. collected over 30 around the world, it would be a mistake not to expect that this successful story will not soon turn into a franchise.


And now, as expected, a second film loomed on the horizon, which resourceful USA filmmakers have enterprisingly timed to coincide with the New Year's week. All right, at what time is it even better to cut the loot from an honest people? Of course - on New Year's Eve!

But what will they tell us this time? At that time, I remember the story was very, very idiotic, but she came in - with a bang. This time, we suspect, will be exactly the same as the previous one. Not all bad guys turn out to be so bad guys, and not all are "good" - "good".

The story is promised to be broader. The details of the plot were not disclosed, but they promise massive battles, as in The Hobbit. The film's budget has already been inflated to 650 million rubles. So, there will be special effects - heaps. The main thing is that they are enclosed in more or less interesting packaging. Otherwise, it will happen, like with that "Secret Dragon Seal", that is - nothing.


That's all for now. Later, we will analyze an extensive list of the best films of 2020 by Pozhenrovo, devote our tops to fantastic, dramatic, action films and other films, as well as sum up the results of the outgoing year. In the meantime, we are saying goodbye to the next top, we wish you all a great mood and, as always, more cool films and TV series!

Part 1: films of the 1st half of the year

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