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Flying to Death

Image Recently, Hollywood has been experiencing a new wave of interest in films about World War II. Last year, the magnificent war drama For reasons of conscience was released, giving viewers the opportunity to see the famous Operation Iceberg. If Mel Gibson's film was about land battles in Okinawa, then the new Hollywood film project will tell about air and sea battles that took place near this Japanese island.

Variety reports that Hollywood Gang Productions has acquired the film rights to John Wukowitz's novel Hell From Heaven , about the American destroyer Laffey ", which managed to survive during the largest attack by Japanese kamikaze pilots in the history of World War II. The adaptation of the literary work for the big screen will be handled by an aspiring screenwriter and part-time friend of the life of Mel Gibson - Rosalind Ross .

Destroyer USS Laffey entered service with the US Navy in February 1944. The ship took part in the landing of allied troops in Normandy, after which it was decided to send it to the Pacific theater of operations. In the midst of the Battle of Okinawa, Laffey came under a massive attack from Japanese aircraft. The destroyer was hit by four bombs and crashed into six aircraft. The ship miraculously remained afloat and continued to repel the attacks of the kamikaze. During the fierce battle, 32 destroyer crew members were killed and more than 70 people were wounded.


After the end of World War II, Laffey received five Service Stars on board and was awarded the unofficial title Unkillable Ship . The destroyer was completely restored and even took part in the Korean War. USS Laffey was withdrawn from the US Navy only in 1975. It is currently on display at the Patriots Point Museum along with the aircraft carrier Yorktown and the submarine Clamagore .


The military drama tentatively titled " Kamikaze " will be produced by the head of Hollywood Gang Productions Gianni Nunnari ("Seven", "The Departed").

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