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Tom Hanks will return to WWII

Image A special place in the outstanding film career of Tom Hanks is occupied by Steven Spielberg's Saving Private Ryan. Almost two decades later, the Oscar-winning actor decided to take an active part in the creation of another film about World War II . As reported by Deadline , Hanks wrote the script for the drama " Greyhound " * ( Greyhound ) and is also considering to play the main role in it.

Greyhounds in the 40s of the last century were American destroyers who hunted for German submarines in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The main character of the film will be the captain of one of these warships, who will have to fight not only the Nazis, but also his own demons ...

Before Hanks has already managed to show his talent for storytelling: he has scripts for such films as "What You Do" and "Larry Crown".


Greyhound is directed by Aaron Schneider (Bury Me Alive), and the war drama will be produced by Gary Goetzman (The Silence of the Lambs), a longtime business partner of Hanks . The film's budget is expected to be about $ 30-40 million .

In the fall, movie fans will be able to see Hanks in two films at once. This week the biographical drama Miracle on the Hudson was released in USA, and next month Tom will return to the role of Professor Robert Langdon in the action-packed thriller Inferno.


* - preliminary translation.

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