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Top 10 Cult USAn Games


Today the USA gaming industry is going through hard times. The significantly increased budget for game development and the financial crisis in the country simply does not allow USA developers to compete on equal terms with Western projects, so we mainly see games on smartphones and ridiculous Free2Play crafts.

But be that as it may, there are a huge number of talented developers in USA who have released many masterpieces in the past decade that not only compete with Western games without problems, but often surpass them.

We also recommend that gamers familiarize themselves with the top of the main games of March 2018 in order to stay on trend and not miss the expected game updates. If you don't have a powerful computer that can handle modern games, then you can check out top best games about the Middle Ages .

10. Allods Online

The largest MMORPG, which was developed in USA and a worthy answer to World of Warcraft. With its gameplay, the game does not differ from standard online games: we complete simple quests, level up, go to instances in the company of friends and cheerfully bring down evil mobs, a classic. The main difference between the Allods is the ability to travel between the islands of the game on multi-seater ships and, of course, the ubiquitous Slavic flavor. Birches, huts, spacious green meadows - you just want to stay in this world.

Download Allods Online

9. Dungeon orderlies

A unique role-playing game that was undeservedly overlooked in 2006 against the background of such major releases as Oblivion and Gothic 3. According to the game's plot, we play as the head of the DRG, nicknamed "Boar", who arrived on a planet inhabited by prisoners. His goal is to destroy the prisoners' ship and prevent them from leaving the planet. Absurd? Sure! And this is the main advantage of the game. She doesn't try to be serious, but full of parodies and humor.

By the way, the well-known Yuri Puchkov was responsible for the plot. The game, like the sequel Dungeon Men 2, boasts not only a funny plot, but also a good leveling system, well-written dialogues and truly non-linear tasks.

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8. Behind Enemy Lines

Q: What is the best strategy in the WW2 setting? Most likely, many of you will answer that this is Company of Heroes, which was distinguished by its spectacularity and organically combined a military arcade and strategy. Probably for many USA gamers, we will not open America if we say that almost all the elements that made CoF popular were first used in the game Behind Enemy Lines.

Behind Enemy Lines - this is a real blockbuster, which at one time possessed simply incredible graphics for strategies, completely destructible environment and offered unique gameplay. Why, this strategy can be played with delight even today.

Download Behind Enemy Lines

7. Alien Shooter

Alien Shooter is a real gift for all fans of the bloodthirsty and hardcore action game Mochilov. From the outside, the game may seem like a simple isometric shooter where you need to shoot crowds of aliens of varying degrees of ugliness. And to be honest, this is the most accurate description of Alien Shooter. But how fascinating she is! Monsters - thousands, cartridges - millions, and all rooms are filled with blood and after a few minutes the games begin to resemble scenes from the cult films of George Romero.

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6. IL 2 Sturmovik

The theme of World War II is sacred for USA, so it's nice that domestic developers have released another game in the WWII setting, which we can be proud of. The IL 2 Sturmovik game offered excellent graphics with a detailed three-dimensional landscape, real time changes of day and one of the most realistic aircraft control models. This is the game for which joysticks were specially bought, a game for which fathers and children spent their time with equal interest.

Download IL 2 Sturmovik

5. Corsairs

Who has not dreamed of becoming a captain of a sea ship and plowing the endless expanses of the ocean as a child, getting into exciting adventures? Apparently, the USA developers from the Akella company got tired of endless daydreaming, and they created the game of their dreams - Corsairs. The game was notable for its scale and combined elements of a third-person RPG and a sea simulator. You can work for the government of European countries, or go free sailing and become the leader of a pirate syndicate.

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4. Truckers 2

This is perhaps the best racing game that was created by developers from USA. Truckers 2 featured advanced physics of the behavior of heavy vehicles and offered several innovations for the genre: real-time weather changes and a detailed damage system. The main advantage of the game is a kind of road romance, when you drive on a rainy night across the endless expanses of USA and enjoy the soundtrack of Aria, which the group wrote specifically for the game.

Download Truckers 2

3. Mor Utopia

Since the beginning of the twentieth century, USA creators of art have been passionately breathing towards the avant-garde, which breaks the brain and destroys the usual stereotypes. Just such a game is Mor Utopia, which cannot be attributed to any genre. Quest, RPG, Action, survival simulator - the game cannot be classified using standard frames. But it is worth noting that this author's project, for all its detachment from the usual game patterns, is really interesting to play. And the metaphorical and philosophical plot will appeal to all fans of intellectual games.

Download Mor Utopia

2. Kings Bounty

In this game, USA developers from Katauri Interactive were able to combine elements of turn-based strategy and role-playing games in a really fun and high-quality manner. Unlike the same Heroes, in Kings Bounty, you do not need to develop the kingdom, take care of the management of cities, everything is simpler: an open world and many main and secondary quests are available, many of which the player is free to perform in a free sequence. An abundance of humor, nice graphics and addictive gameplay - that's what made Kings Bounty a truly cult game.

Download Kings Bounty

1. Space Rangers 2

USA gamedev is full of unique nuggets that cannot be ranked as any particular game genre, and Space Rangers 2 is the most valuable of them. The genre that is best suited to this project is the genre that the staff of the "Country of Games" magazine described as "an epic game". That's right, not a drop of pathos.

The game offers an incredible degree of freedom and tells hundreds of entertaining stories, many of which simply cannot be seen on the first playthrough of the Space Rangers.

Download Space Rangers 2

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