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New Metro Exodus Trailer and 17 Minutes of Fresh 4K Gameplay


Studio 4A Games, which develops the hotly anticipated shooter Metro Exodus, has presented two gameplay videos of its game at once. The Metro Exodus gameplay trailer showcases many new locations (including the destroyed bridge across the Volga), improved graphics and a grand epic set in post-apocalyptic USA.

The gameplay trailer turned out to be expectedly good, 4A Games once again surpassed itself and proved that the post-Soviet space has not yet forgotten how to make games that can compete on equal terms with major Western blockbusters. But still more interesting is another video, which shows as many as 17 and a half minutes of real gameplay.

In the new video, the developers showed several features of the post-apocalyptic action movie at once. The player will visit a church inhabited by armed representatives of a religious cult, in abandoned villages and buildings contaminated with radiation. The equipment crafting system was demonstrated. You will be able to upgrade not only weapons or armor, but also other items of equipment, such as a wrist compass.

The creators of the game in a fresh gameplay video confirmed that the new "Metro" will have a full-fledged system of changing the times of day, which will have a strong impact on gameplay. Under cover of night, it is much more difficult for opponents to see you, and the number of sentries on posts is significantly reduced. But you should be careful, because it is in the light of the moon that especially dangerous mutants come out on the streets in search of prey.

Metro Exodus

4A Games assures that they set themselves the task of creating the largest and most ambitious game in the series, while not forgetting the unique features of the game. Such as the dense atmosphere and challenging survival gameplay. We will be able to check how well the developers have coped with the task on February 22, 2019 - this is the day that Metro Exodus will be released.

Recall that this year another post-apocalyptic shooter was announced - STALKER 2. In our separate article, you can find out the first details of the shooter from GSC Game World.

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