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Metro: Exodus - open spaces, non-linear storyline and crafting system


Metro Exodus has become the main game in the latest issue of the computer games magazine - Game Informer. The journalists visited the office of the game developers and interviewed 4A Games representatives, from which many new details about the shooter in post-apocalyptic USA became known.

Open locations up to 2 square kilometers

Open Metro Exodus

The most important innovation is the vast locations. Some of the levels will be so large that the developers will provide the ability to move around the world of the game in vehicles. It is not yet reported what kind of transport the player will be able to drive, but journalists were able to see how Artem used the boat to move through the water.

Open levels will alternate with linear missions more familiar to the series, which will take place in the Moscow metro. Previously, the developers generally wanted to recreate all subway stations in the game, but then they refused so that Metro Exodus was perceived as a game that is not similar to the previous parts of the series.

Non-linear plot and seasons

Seasons change metro exodus

In previous parts of Metro, it was already possible to make small decisions that minimally influenced the plot, but Metro Exodus will offer much more variability in the scenario. For example, there will be several factions in the game, whose members will happily greet Artyom or treat him with hostility depending on the player's decisions.

Metro Exodus will no longer have metro stations with civilians to talk to characters or buy new weapons. Instead of the metro stations, there will be a train, which can be seen in the final of the first Metro Exodus trailer. On the train, Artyom will move around the world of the game, and will also be able to interact with friendly characters, many of whom may die during the course of the story.

The Metro Exodus scenario will take a year of game time, so Artyom will arrive in the location in different seasons. In summer, the player will visit a picturesque desert area, the coast of which is illuminated by flashes of oil platforms, and in autumn, go to mountain locations, where he will meet mutant bears.

In addition to the main plot, the player in Metro Exodus will be able to complete a large number of side quests. To activate the tasks, you will have to carefully explore the location: read notes, eavesdrop on conversations or communicate with characters.

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Gameplay innovations

New Metro: Exodus

The gameplay concept familiar to the series will remain: after the release date of Metro Exodus, you will still be able to complete the game both in the style of the terminator, shooting all opponents from the hip, and secretly killing enemies. The changes affected the hidden mode, in which it became possible to stun or kill hostile NPCs, as well as the ability to determine whether Artyom's opponents noticed the change in the music in the game.

To deal with new opponents: mutated shaggy demihumans and a local boss called "Tsar Fish", the player will be able to use weapons that can be crafted from scrap materials on special machines. Crafting items also act as in-game currency.

Download Metro Exodus will be available immediately after the release of the game, which is expected this fall.

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