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What are they playing today?


The beginning of April cannot be called loud in terms of releases, but already this week quite interesting second-tier games have been released. If you are wondering “what to play in April?”, We have compiled for you a small list of games that are already out.


Supraland is a game that is a mixture of Portal, Zelda and Metroid, as even described in its description. There is no written storyline, you are simply thrown into the open world, and you are free to create your own adventure. You have to solve puzzles, find loot, explore different places and get new abilities. I would call this game the most relaxed entertainment for a couple of evenings that will help you relax after a hard work week.

Exploring the world is captivating, as often your interest is encouraged by the upgrade chest. Some parts of the sandbox are closed, and to unlock them you need to unlock new abilities.


Puzzles will have to be solved in a creative way and understand their main idea. Combat mechanics are inspired by old-fashioned, fast-paced shooter games such as Unreal, Doom, and Quake, which encourage rapid-fire shooting and jumping.

The picture of the game is simple and may seem childish, but it is not. It's rather just her special style. The game is not intended for any specific audience, but for gamers of all ages. This is a good collection of all the action RPG side activities we love.

Weedcraft Inc

There are such strategies on the verge of a simulator, telling about the everyday life of different professions. Weedcraft Inc. - one of these, because in it you have to build a real marijuana growing industry. A game about the distribution of smoking weed, it delves deeply into the financial, political and cultural sides of complex government relations with a problematic but promising plant.


You need not only to grow, sell, take care of the product, but also cross varieties in order to breed new species. Social relationships with competitors, politicians and police officers play an important role, because they are eager to cash in on your lucrative business. You need to build relationships with those who can help you, arrange parties for politicians, give bribes, and generally change the public's view of cannabis and promote laws that are beneficial to you. All this I mean is that the game about how to become the king of jambs is made with knowledge of the matter.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy

Reboot of the legendary quest / visual novel about the lawyer Phoenix Wright, who loves to shout "Objection!" We have three big cases to unravel and defend our clients in court.


The game focuses on both the narrative and the quest component. Each chapter, and there are 14 in total, consists of the fact that you visit the crime scene, look for evidence, communicate with witnesses, and then speak in the courtroom. The defense process itself is similar to the drama of the best comedy series with show elements. During the trial, you need to look for inconsistencies in the testimony, and point out them in time, as well as give arguments in favor of the defense.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney was first released in 2001 and is considered a classic of the genre today.

Dangerous Driving

It's not enough to say: "Dangerous Driving is a game from the creators of Burnout, so it's good." Yes, the name of the developer matters, but remember the same Fallout 76. However, the game itself really came out fit. It has 13 tracks with different modes that differ from each other. They require the player to play a different style of passing, both relying on aggressive driving and ingenuity.


Due to the destructibility of cars and the environment in Dangerous Driving, you will constantly be waiting for different situations, from which it may not be sickly to bomb. For example, the enemy will push you into the oncoming lane, and you will crash into the oncoming car, exploding at the same time. Or accidentally you will not fit into a turn, having gone on a long flight, taking with you those you crashed into.

In general, fans of games based on crashes and collisions will definitely go to this game.

These were all interesting games that you can play now.

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Author: Jake Pinkman