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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order beginner's guide


Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order has been named one of the best Star Wars games by many media outlets. Well, I think she can even pass the test of time. It remains only to evaluate it yourself. Focusing on the Game Spot, which licked the game to its fullest, we put together a Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order guide for you for beginners.

The game is metroidvania and encourages exploration

The levels on planets in the Fallen Order take inspiration from the metroidvania genre, as a result, all parts of the planets are connected. You will regularly unlock them piece by piece as you travel between different planets and learn new abilities that will allow you to further explore undiscovered areas.


It's in your best interest to constantly re-explore planets when you unlock a new ability. History will force you to return to multiple planets multiple times, but that doesn't mean you can't take the initiative and explore on your own.

Travel to Dathomir as soon as the opportunity presents itself

Anyone who has watched The Clone Wars animated series knows that Dathomir is one of the most dangerous planets in the Star Wars universe. It is home to Darth Maul, Asajj Ventress, and several Sister Inquisitors. Fallen Order gives you the opportunity to travel to this planet at the start of the story campaign - and you should.

While Dathomir is not the most difficult place to visit in the Fallen Order, it ranks high on the difficult list. Most of the difficulties have to do with how the enemies fight on Dathomir. Enemies on the planet are trying to surround you and collectively crush you. However, from the start, all of Cal's skills are perfect for dealing with multiple enemies at once.


If you travel to Dathomir early in the storyline, you can find a dual-bladed lightsaber upgrade, similar to the one Darth Maul uses in The Phantom Menace, to help you deal with the threat even more. Most of the planet will still be locked to you until you gain certain Force abilities, but you can find this very improvement. It is located in one of two places: Bogano or Kashyyyk.

Toggle difficulty

There are four difficulties in the game, and you can switch them at any time, so you can try each one and find the one that suits you.


Difficulty in Fallen Order works differently from most games. Instead of affecting the health of enemies, the difficulty in Fallen Order reduces your ability to parry. By default, you have a large enough bar to repel an attack and ordinary enemies cannot greatly influence it. On the other hand, a Jedi Knight, Jedi Master, and Jedi Grand Master can give you a lot of fun on difficulty.

Ask BD-1 for advice if you don't know what to do

There are many Legend of Zelda-style puzzles in Fallen Order. While some of these puzzles are fairly simple, others are difficult. Some of them are related to the main campaign. But you probably want to open many of them just to get new loot.


If you get stuck, burn out with BD-1 and the conversation will have a vague hint about what you should do or what Power to use. You cannot immediately solve it, having heard hints, then all interest would simply disappear. However, they do help.

Let's BD-1 scan enemies

BD-1 loves to gather information, and will regularly jump from Cal's shoulder to the ground to scan for anything interesting. Whenever he does this, you must follow him and let him do his thing, especially if he is scanning a corpse.


After that, you will have a record of the enemy in your tactical manual. BD-1 outlines the enemy's combat strategy and lists their weaknesses. This is extremely useful for standard opponents and mini-bosses that you face multiple times. However, this is less useful for bosses, as you usually only fight them once.

Use power creatively

In the early stages, you will only have three abilities available, Force Slow, Force Push and Force Pull. However, you can already combine them into deadly combinations. Feel free to be creative and combine them.


In the later stages, when you swing - even more so. For example, you can jump into the center of the crowd and force enemies to fly to the sides, then use a whirlwind lightsaber throw, it will make a circle before returning and slitting the throats of all opponents.

Only heal when needed

If the health bar is blinking red, it does not necessarily mean that Kel is close to death. You can probably take a few hits. Therefore, only use the latest first aid kit when you really need it.

Although not at first, but in the end, the Fallen Order battle will turn into a reflection of waves of enemies. Arenas range from a gladiator's pit to a long, narrow corridor where you will be greeted at the other end by a swarm of stormtroopers and paratroopers. First aid kit management is an important skill to develop right from the start. You never know when defeating the last enemy will result in half a dozen more enemies spawning, or when almost killing a boss will just move into the next phase of the fight.


Don't waste skill points

As you learn new abilities, you unlock several skill lines. Initially, each ability costs only one point, but in the middle of the game they will cost two or three points.

Many of the early game skills are very useful, but not all. Therefore, use points for the skills you need without feeling compelled to spend them on those that seem useful only in certain situations. If the skill seems niche, it probably is. It is better to save your points unless you need this skill, as you will need a lot of points to unlock the highest level skills later.


Watch out for blind spots

Fallen Order inherits elements from Dark Souls, and requires some franchise-like approaches from Frome Software. So, enemies have migrated into the game, who arrange an ambush.


So if you're going to run around a corner, you better be prepared to block at the last second. In the Fallen Order, fortunately, most enemies that ambush are more intimidating than dangerous. But there are exceptions. Keep an eye on your surroundings. The footprints on the ground most likely indicate an impending attack from a swamp rat, which looks like a piece of mud. And the cobweb indicates spiders.

Use the death mechanic

When you die, all enemies respawn and your health decreases. However, to restore it, it is enough to simply attack your assassin, who will be marked on the map.


In the case of a boss, just be aggressive. Attack sharply, reducing his ability to block an attack, and when he opens, hit him and restore all your health, and immediately attack with the Force.

Hopefully this Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order guide will help you with the game.

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