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TOP 10 games with realistic physics


In pursuit of photorealistic graphics, video game developers often forget about another technology that can make games not only more realistic, but, most importantly, more interesting. Of course, we're talking about in-game physics that gives weight to objects, helps destroy structures, and makes the game characters wriggle funny when they fall. Therefore, today in a new video Alice will talk about 10 games with the most realistic physics.

Note that the collection contains games in which physics is used not for beauty, but is of great importance for solving a variety of game problems. One of them is to solve puzzles, the other is to pierce the wall behind which the enemy is cowardly hiding, the third is to simulate the physics of the vehicle and the realistic adhesion of wheels to various surfaces, and, of course, the fourth is for fun! After all, nothing is more relaxing after a busy day than the ability to destroy a couple of buildings brick by brick.

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The Topic of Article: TOP 10 games with realistic physics.
Author: Jake Pinkman