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How to start making money on Youtube


Now almost everyone knows about bloggers from the popular YouTube site. About how they live in luxurious houses, buy several expensive cars, or simply earn several times more than the average office worker. Many netizens themselves wanted to try to make money on such activities.

How to make money on Youtube for a regular user

01. Choosing a channel topic

First of all, you need to think about creating a channel, with special attention approaching the choice of its subject. It's best to shoot a video on a topic that you are really interested in.

After all, no one wants to watch a video from an author who himself is not delighted with his work.

On the other hand, one should not forget that not all topics are commercially profitable. For many, finding advertisers and sponsors can be very difficult, and if there are any, they will not offer much money.

02. Channel promotion

When the channel is created and filled with engaging content, you should start promoting it. History knows of cases where truly talented content creators, including famous artists and musicians, remained in the shadows. And the creators of third-rate videos, on the contrary, have constantly been and continue to be in the tops of YouTube, taking first places in views. To prevent this from happening, you need to pay due attention to the advertising of your channel.

You can promote your channel in different ways. There are special projects for promotion that provide paid services. It is also worth highlighting the advertising of your channel in the videos of other people.

Some of the visitors who watch the blogger's video will be interested and will go to you. It is possible that many of them will subscribe to your channel. You can record joint videos with other bloggers - such an action will lead to an increase in the number of subscribers on both sides, which is good news, so the price for joint videos (integrations) may approach zero.

03. Monetization or when it's time to chop cabbage

When content appears on the channel, and the number of subscribers and their activity has increased, you can proceed to the most important thing - to monetize.

You can earn money on your channel in different ways, although the simplest and most effective of them was and remains advertising from Google.

When using Google Adsense, the channel's profit will depend entirely on the number of views under the video. That is, the more people watch the video, the more profit this video will bring.

If we cite USA traffic as an example, then for about one thousand views profit is equal to one dollar . Of course, this is an average based on data on various topics.

By making high-quality videos and collecting millions of views, a blogger can reach a really impressive level of earnings. In addition, they use other ways of making money - advertising links for videos, advertising in the videos themselves, etc.

Well-publicized and promoted channels often receive advertising offers. For some, such offers are the main income from video, because the number of views cannot be guessed, and the advertiser pays a fixed price right away. And it's much easier to work with advertisers directly.


Summing up, we can say that you can make money on YouTube, but you will have to try very hard. Some tips for budding bloggers:

  • When creating a channel, be sure to choose a topic for future videos. A theme that would appeal to the creator himself and future advertisers.
  • You need to make high-quality content - no one needs curves and uninteresting videos. The blogger must be able to edit video, work with sound, and also have high-quality equipment for recording audio and video.
  • Pay attention to the promotion of the channel, otherwise many videos may go unnoticed. It is very important to follow the trends and events of concern to the community so that your subscribers can get your opinion on this matter.
  • And the most important thing. Never give up and do not stop there. It can take months to promote a channel on Youtube, and many authors acquire the desired popularity after a couple of years of hard work. But it's worth it.

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Author: Jake Pinkman