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Earnings on Instagram social network


Instagram is not only a social network where you can upload photos and videos for everyone to see, but also a great opportunity to get rich. How much and how you can earn in this way will be discussed later.

How to make money on Instagram?

Instagram earnings
Photography This is how you make money

The main ways to make money on this social network are various types of advertising, published both on the photos themselves and in the captions and links under them, as well as affiliate programs and promotion of their own services.

First of all (of course, after going through the simple procedure of creating an account) you need to decide on the topic . There are quite a few of them, but you need to stop at one. Once you have made your choice, you need to post content only on this topic (if sprayed, it will be difficult to find a suitable advertiser or affiliate program). For example, if your theme is "cars", then only photos of cars should be posted. By the way, the most profitable topics for advertising on Instagram are cars and cosmetics.

Naturally, you can keep your personal blog for a very long time and to no avail, because you will only buy ads from you if you promote your account well.

Followers are the key to success

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A very important factor, without which it is impossible to make a lot of money on Instagram, is your subscribers. The very people who follow the posts on your page on the social network, comment and rate them. To recruit a lot of people, you need to upload quality content, follow trends, compare user activity and analyze your mistakes. If this is too time-consuming for you, then you can turn to people who will take over the entire technical part for money.

One of the main methods of promoting your page is buying ads from other users. This will help to add a couple of thousand subscribers, but only if the general topic of the pages is. It hardly makes sense to advertise an account with a “lingerie” theme on an account dedicated to motorcycle photography.

How much can you earn on Instagram?

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You can earn a lot, but for this you need not sit idly by, but really work. It is impossible to make big money without labor - this must be understood. In addition, if activity drops, people start to unsubscribe.

So don't count on having a few thousand subscribers gaining years of carefree life with passive income. You can, of course, put together a team of people who will upload photos for you in order to relieve themselves, but their services must be paid.

What's up with income?

Instagram income
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Now about the average prices. An account with 100 thousand subscribers is able to bring about 5-10 thousand rubles for one publication. An account with a million or more - from 30 thousand rubles. If we take into account the accounts that are not so impressive in terms of performance, then we can deduce the average price of $ 1.5 per thousand subscribers. It can vary both up and down - it all depends on the commercial prospects of the topic, the quality of the subscription base and a number of other factors.

Risks to Face

Risks are everywhere
Photography Risks are everywhere

Risks exist in any kind of activity, and Instagram is no exception. For example, the ability to get an account lock. Of course, if you do not violate the rules of the system itself (do not cheat subscribers, do not publish shock content), then nothing like this will happen to you.

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