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YouTube SEO: 5 Ways to Increase Video Ranking


YouTube is one of the largest video platforms. However, creating high quality content is no longer enough, because now the video needs to be optimized to reach the maximum number of viewers.

Here are some ways you can get started optimizing your YouTube channel.

01. Add a detailed video description

youtube about video
Photo Video Description

One of the best ways to promote a video is to have as detailed a description as possible, since YouTube's algorithm can detect keywords and rank videos higher based on them.

Also, include timecode to help the viewer navigate to the section that interests them the most. This will help increase the number of views, as most viewers are unlikely to have the patience to watch a long video to the end.

02. Think carefully about the title

A thoughtful video title
Photography Smart video title

YouTube always pays more attention to videos that have keywords embedded in the title that reflect the essence of the video.

Start your headline with the word "tutorial," "video," "how," or "overview," and then add your keyword. This is the most winning combination.

03. Use traffic from other Internet resources

Promote your video on Instagram
Photography Promote your video on Instagram

You can attract viewers through links left in social networks, or posted on blog posts. Viewers love appropriately advertised content, so they'll be eager to follow links to your channel.

But be careful when distributing a large number of links: spam leads to blocking. Share the link so that it looks like a solution to the problem.

04. Ask viewers to subscribe and share your channel link with friends

Like - follow me
Photo Like - caption

The factor that affects the rating of a video is the number of network users linking to it. Actually, thanks to external links, the rating of any content rises.

Thus, the more subscribers you have and the more likes they give, the higher YouTube will place your videos in the search box.

05. Make playlists

Use themed playlists
Photography Use Themed Playlists

When you have enough videos, organize them into playlists.

First, it will be easier for viewers to navigate the channel.

Secondly, you can add playlist description and keywords, thereby increasing channel visibility. Be sure to include the keyword in the playlist title when doing so.

All of the above tips will help you promote your channel and increase your audience. This is what you have to do in the beginning. Whether you will be able to retain the attracted audience is another question, and it depends on the originality, usefulness and quality of the content provided.

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Author: Jake Pinkman