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How to download YouTube videos without software?


Often useful videos are removed from YouTube, for example, due to a complaint from an author or copyright holder. In this case, the desired video disappears not only from your bookmarks, but also from the Internet, and forever.

Downloading and "re-uploading" someone else's video without the permission of the author is, of course, prohibited by copyright law and may entail liability, at best - blocking (or banning) your precious account.

How to download a particular video from YouTube?

Many people ask the question: "How to download this or that video from YouTube?" And only a few know how in just two clicks you can download the required material without installing any programs or applications.

For example, we liked some video material and now we need to download it. To do this, it is enough in the address bar (at the top, where https: // and the site address are located) after https: // www. (that is, immediately after the dot) add two letters ss . As a result, we gethttps: // V=?. Then press the Enter key.


A window will immediately pop up with a large green button labeled "DOWNLOAD VIDEO with ..." No need to click on it .

Below there is a dotted line underlined phrase " Download without installation ". Click on it. A window immediately appears where you can select the resolution and format of the downloaded video. After you have selected the required format, a save window will pop up, where you can specify the path to save the video.

After consent, the download will begin. In the upper part of the window, you can follow the download progress and see the folder into which the video is being downloaded. This is very important for those who have a lot of files stored in the downloads folder. By clicking on the download window at the top right, the folder where your file was saved will be indicated.

The quality of video files is quite decent, which is good news. Use exclusively for personal use and respect copyright laws. No, it's really not bad.

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Author: Jake Pinkman