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Android users will now be invisible on YouTube


Owners of Android smartphones and tablets are now able to watch video content on the YouTube platform without fear that their preferences will become available to anyone else or appear in carefully formed hosting recommendations. The new version is already available for download on the official Google Apps platform.

After finishing testing the update in the spring, the developers opened the incognito status to all users of the YouTube application on Android.

A new option complements the standard menu and is launched by clicking on the "stranger in a raincoat" in the upper right corner. After launching the new mode, YouTube no longer counts views and requests. It turns out that if the smartphone of the "anonymous" falls into the wrong hands, an outsider will not see the history of requests and watched videos on the video hosting site.

Indeed, watching a video with activated anonymity mode will not be saved in the list of views. However, the innovation has nuances, which YouTube reminds of when the option is turned on. The service will warn that third-party interested parties (for example, an employer, educational institution, provider company or local network sysadmin), if necessary, can obtain information and learn about the user's actions.

And one more limitation is related to watching videos, where age confirmation is required. The service algorithm will ask the user to activate in their account and indicate their age. Despite the display of all the YouTube menu items with the "stealth" function enabled, in fact only the Home and Trending options are available. Also, with activated anonymity mode, you will not be able to access your own recommendations, subscriptions and library. A new feature for iOS has yet to be announced.

The Topic of Article: Android users will now be invisible on YouTube.
Author: Jake Pinkman