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How to get old YouTube design back in Google Chrome


In 2017, Google converted the web version of YouTube to a new design. The changes did not affect any fundamental things, but the video hosting site, in particular, began to look noticeably larger.

The options on the side navigation bar on the left are slightly larger and slightly farther apart. More white space appeared between videos and comments.

The move with increasing the scale of the interface was taken for the convenience of using the web version of the video hosting on touch devices with small screens. For a while, users were allowed to choose between the old and new site views, but this ability was later removed. And the new interface became the only possible option.

How to get the old YouTube site back?

The new site design, adapted for small touch screens, is, in principle, convenient for working on Windows desktop monitors at the original 100% scale. But if you set the scale to 125% in the system environment (not to mention a larger percentage of the increase), the YouTube site in the browser window will look slightly awkward.


Excessively large gaps between options, videos, comments and other elements look awkward and force the user to exercise unnecessarily in scrolling the mouse wheel. Whereas the old video hosting design looks compact and neat when scaled up systematically.


To estimate whether the old design looks better at a particular scale and device screen, visit the YouTube home page by entering the following into your browser address


This is an option only for testing the home page, when you go to other pages of the video hosting, the new design will be displayed again. However, if the test shows that the usability of a YouTube site with the old design is better on a particular device, you can bring it back using a browser extension.

True, not for everyone, but for Google Chrome and those based on Chromium. And which, accordingly, support installing extensions from the Chrome store. More or less popular browsers are Opera, Vivaldi, Yandex.Browser.

The extension is called YouTube Revert, you can install it here.

The old YouTube design will be applied not only in terms of scale, but in full, including organizational aspects. And, alas, in this case, you will have to abandon the use of the new function of the web version of video hosting - the ability to communicate in private chats.

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Author: Jake Pinkman