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Sort YouTube Subscriptions by Topic Collections


Every YouTube video blogger asks us to like the video, subscribe to the channel and hit the bell button.

The first request will make it possible to post other videos from this blogger in our custom YouTube recommendations, the second will add his channel to our list of subscriptions, and the last will ensure the delivery of push notifications when new videos are released on this channel.

“Why not respect the request of a good person,” many of us think and, not always being seriously interested, and so, out of the kindness of our soul, subscribe to YouTube channels. And then, of course, they are in shock when they go to the authorized home page of the video hosting - how many unnecessary things are there. And now, in this chaos, how can you find something that is really worth spending your time on?

The list of subscriptions of an active YouTube user can be infinitely long. Previously, until May 2015, the video hosting interface provided for cataloging user subscriptions. With the help of the regular functions of the site, it was possible to sort subscriptions by thematic folders and view new channel videos, grouped by topic. In May 2015, this site feature was removed. From now on, everything we subscribed to on YouTube hangs out in a long list in the panel on the left. And we can see new content either in the general mass of videos in the "Subscriptions" section, or on the page of each individual channel.

But not in a thematic grouping - news to news, cognitive to cognitive, entertainment to entertainment, etc. Moreover, we don't even have the ability to sort our favorite channels according to the criteria we need. We only have access to the principle of building subscriptions provided for by the video hosting site - first those that have new publications, and then in alphabetical order.

How do I clean up my YouTube user account? And organize your subscriptions so that video content of the right content can be watched at the right time and in the right mood.

The YouTube Subscription Manager extension for browsers that support the Google Chrome store is designed to tidy up user YouTube accounts. It implements on a video hosting site the ability to sort subscriptions into separate folders and offers convenient access to sorted content.

After installing the extension, we will see a new functional block in the left panel on the video hosting site. Click on the inscription "Subscriptions Groups +". An environment with extension functionality will open in the center of the site: this is a window with a two-pane layout, where our subscriptions are displayed on the right, and thematic folders that have not yet been created on the left. Click the "Create new collection" button and enter the name of the first folder where, for example, music channels will be placed.


Next, drag and drop everything related to a specific subscription topic into the created folder. If there are many channels, to simplify their cataloging, you can use the "hide channels in collection" option. It will hide in the panel on the right those subscriptions that have already been added to a folder. Channels are removed from folders by clicking on the cross button.


For thematic folders, you can select individual icons, albeit from a small list of suggested options.


So, YouTube subscriptions have been broken up into thematic folders. These folders will now appear in the Expansion Function Block on the left pane. Here we can expand folders and see a cataloged view of YouTube channels. Pressing the folder playback button will open a chronologically organized list of videos from all channels with a single theme. All these videos can be sent to the playlist in the same chronological order.


The extension adds its own content filtering buttons to the video display page in the "Subscriptions" section. Here we can either use the "All" switch to display, respectively, the videos from all channels to which we are subscribed, or enable only individual folders by setting their switches to the "Enabled" position.


Finally, the last feature of the extension is the ability to sort thematic folders and their contents according to different criteria. You can sort by the activity of YouTube channels, by the number of unviewed new videos, in alphabetical order and in an arbitrary order that we can customize at our discretion.


YouTube Subscription Manager, like other Chrome extensions, moves to other user devices or to reinstalled operating systems along with browser authorization using a Google account. This move is not limited to the automatic installation of the extension, as is the case with many others. YouTube Subscription Manager brings all the folders we created earlier and the subscriptions sorted by them to YouTube in the new Chrome.

The extension is free, its page in the store

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Author: Jake Pinkman