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YouTube will become paid


Promoted YouTube channels with an audience of more than 100,000 subscribers will become paid. This was stated by representatives of the web edition "The Verge" (an American site that publishes news and articles about gadgets and computers).

It is reported that video bloggers will have the opportunity to create fan clubs, to join which those who wish will have to pay about $ 5. It is also noted that the video hosting management is going to rename the "Subscriptions" tab to "Channel Memberships".

Users who want more options (for example, have the right to view exclusive content) will be able to achieve this goal for an additional fee.

About the upcoming innovations, according to representatives of the web publication, video hosting staff spoke during the VidCon conference. It also reports the successful completion of beta testing for this feature.

It is possible that soon content producers will have a unique opportunity to place products of various categories directly under video clips. The presence of such "shelves", according to YouTube employees, will allow bloggers to make money by analogy with the owners of famous Instagram accounts.

Many popular video bloggers consider the upcoming changes to be positive and necessary, as it will significantly reduce the hate on the platform. Many admit that they are even ready to endure criticism and insults from people who are in paid fan clubs, since part of the amount contributed will be received directly by the owners of paid channels.

It should be added that the introduction of paid subscriptions by the management of social networks is becoming a new trend on the Web. Facebook representatives have already announced their intention to introduce a pilot project with a similar income scheme for community creators.

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Author: Jake Pinkman