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Paid applications appeared on USAn YouTube


Two paid services from Google have started in USA - YouTube Music Premium and YouTube Premium. What are the features and what distinguishes them from free analogs of video hosting - let's figure it out.

How paid music on YouTube is different

First, about the similarities. The paid app, like the free version, contains a huge music base. The YouTube Music Premium library is conditionally divided into two blocks. The first is "official" audio from record labels, the second contains a variety of YouTube music content options, including amateur user tapes, covers, remixes, footage, music videos and live recordings.

It's easy to guess about the main feature of a paid service - the absence of advertising, although not only this is its difference. YouTube Music Premium has some features not available in free hosting. For example, if you minimize the application or lock the phone, the music track will continue playing in the background. Also, a separate audio, video or live recording will be available for saving and further launching without going online. Additionally, the paid service will form an offline selection of 100 tracks, including those not yet listened to by the user (one of the built-in algorithms will determine the recommended compositions).


If a user already has a paid access to Google Play Music, he is provided with automatic use of the YouTube Music Premium resource without additional monetary contributions. Google has not yet announced the closure of its stream service, although there is one team in both it and YouTube Music.

Probably after the final transfer of data to YouTube Music from Google Play Music, the latter may be closed. The monthly fee for a new music service from YouTube is estimated at 169 rubles .

YouTube Premium - what is it

Now about YouTube Premium. The cost of this application is slightly higher than the music application and is about 200 rubles ( family subscription will cost 299 rubles .). Here, the new paid resource has similar characteristics to the music service. Subscribers will be able to view video content without commercials. And you can also download any YouTube video for further viewing without the need to access the network or "listen" to the video when the application window is minimized or the phone is locked.

Also, subscribers of the premium YouTube application will have access to a new product - YouTube Originals, which contains various series, programs, shows, produced by order of the video hosting or independently created by it. To date, YouTube Originals content consists of dozens of programs and shows, mainly for the American market and targeting the youth segment. All videos are in their original language.

Recommendations from YouTube Music

An additional advantage of the new music application, the creators call "thoughtful" recommendations for music content. The service will begin to shape its music offers, focusing not only on the latest listening history, but also on the time of day and location. Let's say some playlists are recommended for attending a workout, others for home relaxation.

Developers are announcing thousands of selections to search for tracks for the desired event or situation, which can help to find interesting musical options previously unknown to the user. The application also has a permanent playlist, similar to a personal radio with a selection of tracks from the user's library and compositions close in meaning.

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Author: Jake Pinkman